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The Origin Story

Maybe this would have been appropriate two articles ago but guess what's even better? Telling you how it all started after three articles. Could you imagine if the third entry in a superhero trilogy was the origin story? Like Superman overcomes Brainiac in the first, gets defeated by and rises from Doomsday's attack in the sequel, and then comes to planet earth in the third installment? (Take notes DCEU!) Well, look no further, because that's the way it's going down in this one. In this article I'm going to talk to you about how and why we got into content creation on Instagram as @KChase_Hunter and it's all because of our very own kid named Clark!

Screep Cap From Clark's First Play-Doh Video

From Clark's very first viewing of a YouTube video, he was hooked! It all started with Play-Doh surprise egg videos. Now, if you don't know, that is just Easter eggs filled with Play-Doh, with toys inside of the middle. Of course, they find ways to spice up the individual videos. Mostly with annoying voices or different and easy games to play. I'd say the earliest he wanted to make his own videos was as early as two years old. Clark picked up talking fairly well, likely due to spending lots of time with his older cousins and wanting to communicate with the older kids. You can find an old recording uploaded to our IGTV Channel from about a year before we started creating content. I'm personally most impressed with his ability to name every superhero on the tubs of Play-Doh.

Now, I know this may seem a bit over dramatic but I strive to be the type of parent who

makes sure that anything my son wants to do seems possible. He has set such huge goals and doesn't even know it. He strives to have the things that he sees other YouTubers and content creators have such as their own toy lines, sponsorship deals, etc. He certainly, at five years old, has no clue what that takes to achieve but that keeps the fun in it for him. He's not pressured when a video gets 10 views instead of 10,000 and I plan to keep it that way. However, if for any reason it did take off, I just want him to understand that anything he wants to achieve in life is possible with the right focus, direction, and dedication to his goal.

Luckily, I've got a wife and partner in life that can find the joy in all of this craziness even

John's First Funko POP! Figure

if she doesn't fully get it all. Of course, I've manipulated the situation to peak her interests as well. Theresia's a big Riverdale fan so that's translated into her reading Archie comics and she's a sucker for anything Harry Potter so we've got her on the Funko train! (Anna Reads Comics has an article on here about getting your significant other into comics. Read that!) Of course, my first ever Funko purchase was the Spider-Man Homecoming Collector Corps box and it just took off from there! The easy part about it all is everyone who's potentially reading this and follows our page. We've created genuine friends and relationships through common interests and the content we "create" is truly just documentation of our hobby. As long as we keep having fun and hanging out with friends we'd never meet without the internet, this will keep being a pleasure to do!

Throughout the year and a half of having this page we've managed to win a #FunkoPhotoADay contest, received gift packages for unboxings, rolled out fun apparel,

July 4th, 2019 #FunkoPhotoADay Submission

but most of all, made Clark's ideas come alive. He enjoys it (especially when we throw away money on mystery mini's!) and so do we as parents and pop culture fans! I've truly never grown up as a father and I'm happy to have found ways to enjoy superheroes with my son even if it's not directly in the form of comic books. At five years old he's not exactly sitting down and reading books on his own. However, those 5-Minute Marvel Stories are fantastic bedtime stories and great introductions to superhero adventures! In closing, thank you all for everything you've done for us, whether you're reading about us for the first time, or you've been following us for the past year, Clark's happiness and you all as a community are what makes it all so enjoyable.

Our Winning #FunkoPhotoADay Submission

Thanks For Hanging Out With Us!

Theresia, Clark, and John

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