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Damages and Return Policy


A picture must be taken with the damaged item next to the printed label and packaging it was shipped in to confirm receipt and that the damage is for your individual order.

You must initiate a damage request within 14 days of receipt or 30 days of shipment, whichever is sooner.

This is necessary to submit claims through insurance. Failure to do this can result in a lowered capacity for replacement and refunds.

Damage requests and notifications must be initiated within 14 days of receipt of the item or 30 days of shipment, whichever is sooner. If you fail to respond in a timely manner to any questions we have regarding this damage, you may forfeit the opportunity for replacement/refund as we are subject to insurance timelines with our carriers.


We issue replacements whenever possible, but will issue refunds on damaged sold out items. We may ask that an item is returned or destroyed with evidence before we remit replacements or refunds. Destruction is only in the case of print count protection.

International customers should note that we are especially held to longer insurance timelines to replace and refund their items. Accommodations will be made whenever possible for replacements but cannot be guaranteed. Reaching out as soon as possible can aid in this as the delivery window on international orders is much longer and shortens our window to help.


Keep the packaging long enough to take any pictures that show 1) the label 2) any external damage to the package and 3) the item next to the label in the same picture. At least one image must contain both of those things in the same image. More images should be provided if multiple items are damaged. You can send damaged information and start the replacement/refund process on damaged items to you can also submit a form below.

New to market condition guarantee:

Raw Books:

All raw books are pre-screened and circulated with the best conditions available, bagged and boarded. Printing outcomes can vary and we ensure presale buyers receive the best copies from any print run. Please note that we rely on industry standards for determining printing outcomes in regards to printing defects.  Customers can expect to receive raw comics at 9.4+ 


All items on our site are considered final sale and returns are not accepted. All discounted, preordered items, CGC books, and original art orders are included in this description. Damaged items may be returned for replacement or refund. Contact us at for any questions regarding damaged products and refer to the above damage policy.


For the Mystery Mail Call:

We accept one time per customer, a complete return requested within 30 days of your shipping date. The shipping in this case will be covered by the buyer. 


While the randomness of the Mail Call brings you an opportunity to receive unique finds, we understand some of the challenges this brings. We ask you to hold us accountable. If any Mail Call doesn't live up to your expectations, we welcome the opportunity to make it right. Don't hesitate to reach out; your feedback is appreciated and we will work to remedy any situation within our power. We try to do our best to make things right with you before implementing a return process.

Because this is a mystery style subscription, it is a challenge to implement a hard and fast return policy other than what we offer, this is why we encourage you to reach out. Please note that some comics are from the secondary comic market, the condition of a collectible from the Silver, Bronze, and Copper through Modern age cannot be guaranteed and may have imperfections and varying grades and conditions.

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