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  • Giveaways
    We will NEVER ask for payment for a giveaway. If someone is asking you to remit any kind of payment to receive a bonus or giveaway it is a scam. We will also NEVER ask for personal information through ANY of our social media accounts. We may reach out to you to notify you that you won, but we will direct you to to submit a contact form to confirm your information. We will only contact you using an official domain email address if more information is needed. Scammers are aggressive and will work to create a sense of urgency that you will lose the giveaway/something bad will happen if you don't send them money/gift cards/personal information. Remember that members of our team would never talk to you this way, and when it doubt, you can always submit a giveaway form here. Please never share your personal info through any other channels or outlets. We will never ask for friends and family payments or gift cards as payment. Giveaway winners through email submissions must reply within the time frame specified after we contact you or the giveaway will be randomized again and given to the next winner. Mail Call Grails/Hot Keys We love putting exciting/more pricey books/grails/hot keys into the Mystery Mail Call for the community to win. You would know if you won something extra big by getting a polaroid with a member of our team holding your book and telling you where to reach out. We do this because we want to ship those books in different packaging or with better package insurance and so we want to re-confirm your address and make sure you are ready to receive the package. We know sometimes people miss that they won or find out later that they won. We will hold your Mystery Mail Call win for two months. If you find out you won a grail after two months, we will do our best to work with you and get you something you will be excited about. All proceeds of unclaimed books will be invested back into the Mystery Mail Call as an additional book for an upcoming month, invested for an upgraded grade, or the purchase of more grails that were not planned to put in future Mystery Mail Calls. Submit a giveaway form here and include a picture of the polaroid for verification. All proceeds of unclaimed grails will be invested back into the MMC in addition to the grails already planned for the month. Giveaway Verification
  • Damages and Return Policy
    For Damaged Items: A picture must be taken with the damaged item next to the printed label and packaging it was shipped in to confirm receipt and that the damage is for your individual order. This is necessary to submit claims through insurance. Failure to do this can result in a lowered capacity for replacement and refunds. Damage requests and notifications need to be initiated in a timely, within 14 days of receipt of the item or 30 days of shipment, whichever is sooner. If you fail to respond in a timely manner to any questions we have regarding this damage, you may forfeit the opportunity for replacement/refund as we are subject to insurance timelines with our carrier. We issue replacements whenever possible, but may issue refunds on sold out items. International customers should note that we are especially held to longer insurance timelines to replace and refund their items. Accommodations will be made whenever possible for replacements. Keep the packaging long enough to take any pictures that show 1) the label 2) any external damage to the package and 3) the item next to the label in the same picture. At least one image must contain both of those things in the same image. More images should be provided if multiple items are damaged. You can send damaged information and start the replacement/refund process on damaged items to you can also submit a Damage Submission Form Returns: All items on our site are considered final sale. All discounted, preordered items, CGC books, and original art orders fall under this category. For the Mystery Mail Call: We accept one time per customer, a complete return requested within 30 days of your shipping date. The shipping in this case will be covered by the buyer. While the randomness of the Mail Call brings you an opportunity to receive unique finds, we understand some of the challenges this brings. We ask you to hold us accountable. If any Mail Call doesn't live up to your expectations, we welcome the opportunity to make it right. Don't hesitate to reach out; your feedback is appreciated and we will work to remedy any situation within our power. We try to do our best to make things right with you before implementing a return process. ​ Because this is a mystery style subscription, it is a challenge to implement a hard and fast return policy other than what we offer, this is why we encourage you to reach out. Please note that some comics are from the secondary comic market, the condition of a collectible from the Silver, Bronze, and Copper through Modern age cannot be guaranteed and may have imperfections and varying grades and conditions. If your box is damaged during shipping please submit a damage submission here Comictom101 Exclusives and Variants that are newly printed and delivered to the comic market for the first time by us can be replaced as long as inventory allows. Submit a damage submission form here Damage Submission Form
  • Billing Schedule
    After you sign up for your first month, the next month will charge on the 10th. Example: You sign up November 7th Your November box will ship on November 23rd and your next charge will occur on December 10th for the December box etc. Grandfathered billing schedule: If you signed up before 10/16/2023 using PayPal: Your billing date will be on the same numbered day of the month that you signed up . Example: Your first debit was March 10th, your billing date will always be the 10th, your next debit will happen April 10th. If you wish to change your billing date, the subscription will need to be reestablished at the new date, submit a form here to request help with this to avoid missing a box. Mail Call Change Form
  • Shipping Schedule
    All Mail Calls ship together around the 22nd of each month for the month they are for. Use the chart below to determine which MMC you are signing up for:
  • Cancel Subscription
    Seal Subscribers: You can manage your subscription profile through your own log in, or you can request cancelation for your subscription using the form below. You must request this at least 2 business days prior to your charge to avoid any future charges. All outstanding boxes will be shipped. Cancelation Form Subscribers with the subscription price must be subscribed for at least 2 months before cancelation is available. Through PayPal You can cancel future charges on your subscription through your PayPal profile at any time by logging into your PayPal account and canceling the recurring charge. This will discontinue future charges. Any boxes you have already paid for will be shipped on the regular box schedule. You can also submit a form here and we will take care of it for you. Cancellation requests must be made at least 2 business days prior to upcoming charge. All outstanding boxes will be shipped Cancelation Form
  • Lost, Missing, Stolen, and Returned Mail
    After your package has been accepted by USPS, Geek Street Productions is no longer responsible for the package nor do we have any special power to locate missing packages. Please refer to your tracking first and reach out to your mail carrier (your actual post person that delivers the mail to your house) as they may be holding a box en route to you. If a delivery is attempted but they are unable to access the location it is typically held back at your local post office for pick up. Reach out to your mail carrier by leaving a message in your mailbox to find out or go to your local post office. When a package is showing as delivered but has not been received it is either misdelivered or stolen mail. It is up to the customer to file a claim for missing mail through USPS’ website. Oftentimes when this occurs it was misdelivered to your neighbor or has unfortunately been stolen. Stolen mail is typically at the loss of the customer and is not insured under USPS for the seller. You must open a missing mail and file an insurance claim yourself in the event of misdelivered lost, or stolen mail. Our contact information for missing mail and insurance claims (will be placed in the sender space): Geek Street Productions LLC PO BOX 12027 Everett, WA 98206 We cannot reship a box to you until it has been returned to the sender which can take 10-21 days or at least until the tracking updates that it is en route back to us. Packages that are incorrectly addressed from buyer or are returned to sender due to pickup/delivery failure or incorrect address provided are not the responsibility of Geek Street Productions. When and if the package is returned, it can be reshipped at the buyer's expense. Upon arrival, customers have 14 days to remit payment for reshipment. It is up to the customer to reach out if this is happening to their package, the sooner they reach out the faster we can help. Failure to do so in the allotted time frame will be considered abandonment and forfeiture of the package based on the abandoned package policy. Reshipment will be offered at $8 for boxes returned to the sender at the fault of the member. It is up to the member to reach out when a box is being returned to the sender to coordinate the proper address/delivery. Abandoned boxes will be refunded minus the cost to ship and a $15 Restock Fee. International Shipments are subject to different costs specified for international buyers in our terms of use.
  • International Customers
    Non- US and US Territory shipments that have any due import taxes or fees are at the sole responsibility of the buyer. It is up to the buyer to understand their import costs before purchasing any item. International shipping can be severely delayed during global events or inclement weather, the buyer assumes all risk and delay. International shipments are not accepted for returns other than for damaged goods in which contact with regarding the issue must be initiated within 14 days of item receipt or before any further shipments are sent. International buyers must understand the importance of providing accurate address and contact information and assume all costs associated with inaccurate delivery information. This is especially important for subscriptions and Pre-Ordered items that may ship much later than the original purchase date. Use our address change form or email us at to update or correct an address. If we do not already ship to your country, we can price out individualized shipping. Damaged or lost mail is subject to the carriers missing package search timeline as well as the carriers insurance for damaged goods. Refusal of packages, incorrect address information, and failure to pay import fees/duties for your delivery may cause the package to be returned to us and failure to contact us can leave your package subject to our abandoned mail policy. You may be invoiced separately for any additional shipping costs. International Mystery Mail Call Subscribers do not enjoy grandfathered costs, if the cost to ship your subscription changes, so will your subscription. MMCs delivered to the United States or US Territories have grandfathered pricing which includes mail forwarding services. The Mystery Mail Call can also be purchased with Non-US addresses on Whatnot during the Last Chance Stream as well as other streams during the week of the Last Chance Stream. ComicTom101 Whatnot Page Follow comictom101 and bookmark the streams to avoid missing out! This stream is available during the week of the assembly, usually the 3rd week of any given month.
  • I haven't received my Mystery Mail Call yet, and I just got charged again.
    If you have been subscribed for more than 1 month and are missing a box, it is possible there was a payment failure with your payment method. Please reach out to us if you suspect this has occurred. It is also possible you are suffering a missing or stolen mail situation. Please research your purchasing email for tracking information. We require that you to contact us regarding any issues within 14 days of shipment to avoid shipping your next box to an improper address. Address change form: here Mail Call Change Form Most new subscribers will be on the new billing schedule which charges the first month on the day of sign up and the following months on the 10th. For PayPal Subscribers (Grandfathered Shipping Schedule 10/26/2023) All of the boxes charged from the 16th-15th ship together around the following 22nd. Refer to the table below for a more detailed schedule. Members who sign up earlier in the sign up window (For example, someone who signed up between the 16th and the 26th) may be charged for an upcoming box before receiving their outstanding box. For example, a box paid for on June 16th would reserve a July box which would ship around July 22nd. Their upcoming July 16th charge would reserve their August Box. You would need to cancel a subscription box prior to July 16th to avoid new charges. Outstanding charges are shipped on the shipping schedule below and must have address changes requested by the deadlines. Cancelation Submission Form
  • Address Change
    Submit address change requests by the 15th of the month they are for here Failure to submit this request can result in your package being delayed or lost in the mail. It is up to the member to submit this in time to ensure we send your packages to the correct address. Updating the address on your PayPal account will update it for future charges, it will not update it for boxes that have been paid for but have not yet shipped. Reshipment will be offered at $8 for boxes returned to the sender at the fault of the member. It is up to the member to reach out when a box is being returned to the sender to coordinate the proper address/delivery. Abandoned boxes will be refunded minus the cost to ship and a $10 Restock Fee.
  • Grandfathered Pricing
    We will not increase the price of active Mystery Mail Call Subscriptions. Once a subscription is canceled, we will not be able to honor previous pricing. Inactive subscriptions that miss any month will not be able to reactivate at the original pricing.
  • Failed charges and updating Payment Method
    You can update your payment method under your payment preferences on PayPal. A best practice is to load your new payment method in, set it as preferred and completely delete the old payment method even if the card number itself isn’t changing and only the expiration and CVC. PayPal and other payment systems have trouble identifying the changes, loading in a completely new payment method is the surest way to a payment that works. Be sure to delete the old method to avoid confusion. If your charge fails, please reach out to us right away and we can help you coordinate payment. Not to worry, as a member you are included in the count and we have allotted a Mail Call for you, we just won’t ship it until we have coordinated payment. After you have updated your payment information send us a submission here. Do not provide us with your payment method details such as your card number or account number. Card Only Option: If you signed up using the card only option, the only way to change your payment method is to cancel and sign back up. Reach out to us here to avoid missing a Mail Call and keeping any grandfathered pricing Mail Call Change Request
  • Failed Subscription Payments
    We have your profile set to automatically deactivate when a payment doesn’t go though. We do this because we don’t want to cause unnecessary fees between you and PayPal or you and your Financial Institution. Oftentimes if you are unable to resolve a payment issue quickly the profile will automatically inactivate for good. We are unable to manually reactivate your profile but we can help you sign back up and keep your grandfathered pricing. If you wish to do so please contact us with this form. It is up to you to know when your charge goes through and to make sure that it goes through before the cut-off if you wish to guarantee your box. If your charge isn’t going through you need to log into or contact PayPal directly to find out why it isn’t working and update the payment information. Common culprits include card number change/expiration or insufficient funds. We don’t see what that information is because it is all processed through PayPal. Please do not contact us with your bank account or card number. Please contact us if you have payment trouble and still wish to receive a box. We have no way of knowing when this happens unless you tell us. We may still have a box reserved for you from the same assembly, it just may ship later. To avoid a late shipment please be proactive and reach out as soon as you think something may have gone wrong. Special note for those who signed up using the card only option: You will be unable to perform any changes to your address and payment methods if you don’t create a profile, for this reason we highly recommend that you sign up using a PayPal profile instead. You will be unable to login and cancel your profile so if you wish to cancel you must send us a form submission here.
  • Abandoned Packages
    Abandoned packages will be refunded for total charge minus $6.00 shipping and $15.00 restock fee. Abandoned International Packages will be subject to their respective shipping cost and a $15 restock fee.
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