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Option 1: To cancel your subscription. you may do so by logging into your PayPal or by contacting PayPal directly.


Option 2: You can go submit a request using this form and fill out the form and PayPal will send you a confirmation email. 


If you want to change your address, please fill out THE ADDRESS CHANGE FORM 


You must request any changes to address and cancellation requests for the Mystery Mail Call by the 15th of the month prior to your shipment.


Non MMC Store purchases must provide an updated address for any Pre-Orders through the Address Change Form above. Failing to update your address prior to shipment can cause a delay or loss of your items. Reshipment of items that must be redelivered will be done so at the expense of the buyer. Abandoned packages of 14 days or more will be charged a restock fee of $15 and will not be refunded for shipping.

If you could like to cancel, please fill out the form below.

Allow 2-3 business days for cancelation to take effect

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