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Is Gwen Stacy Kindred?

I'll let this discussion get started with the villain him(her)self! "I mean, who doesn't love a good mystery, right?"

Let me just say that my main suspicion, and the reason I believe Gwen Stacy could be the answer to this questions is due to Norman and Peter's recent escapades with Kindred's presence in Absolute Carnage and recent issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Seriously, who else that's dead (or not alive) would have so much beef with not just Peter, not just Norman, but BOTH!? Also, because why in the hell else does the Green Goblin returning matter so much for issue #850 when we've had kindred for two years and nothing!?!?! I'll be the first to admit I wouldn't even still have this book on my pull if it wasn't The Amazing Spider-Man. Not that it's been terrible but nothing special by any means!

Really, though, who would be the most angry, disgruntled, bitter, and, well, dead than

Gwen Stacy? Not only has Spider-Man indirectly caused the death of George Stacy (could argue that was a direct cause) but it also cost Gwen her own life shortly after. She was also heavily involved with Osborn, if we're still going to acknowledge the awful affair storyline, that no one can believe ever got published! To this day, still makes me sick to my stomach! Unfortunately, this was also loosely referenced in The Amazing Spider-Man #850 with dialogue between Ghost Spider-Gwen (whatever we're calling her) and Norman Osborn. Spider-Gwen was also the voice of reason when the other spider totems wanted to stop Pete from saving Osborn.

There could even be more than I caught with what Gwen said or maybe the way she worded some things. However, I think her going against the grain and supporting Spider-Man when none of the other totems wanted to, may allude to something in the future. However, the biggest foreshadowing I saw and what can be easily dismissed is the splash page up top of this paragraph! We will have to see them team up again when Kindred makes their presence known but will it be against Gwen Stacy!? What a complete mind fornication that could end up being. Pete possibly between Gwen and Norman!?

With Norman (SPOILER) attempting to let Peter die/killing Peter, it's easy to forget that they just teamed up and fared pretty well the whole issue! Especially with their rich history of battles being on the opposite side of the rubble from one another, it felt gross watching them team up, but it had a sense of satisfaction to it. Honestly, the villain turned anti-hero thing isn't something I can ever see happening for Norman. Which is why it would be an amazing, gripping, tragic, and conflicting story to read as Peter has to team up to do what's morally right to fight Gwen Stacy against her killer!?

In our first ever introduction to Kindred they mention to Mysterio, "I know Pete better than he knows himself." Which is something that a character like Gwen Stacy could absolutely say with the utmost confidence. If there's no other clues to bring up that could make this theory wildly possible, we end issue #850 with Kindred standing over a tombstone with the dialogue, "--They never stay buried." Which, again, could absolutely allude to Gwen Stacy. Could this be another side affect of when Pete made a deal with Mephisto? Who knows but I'm excited for this story to unfold!

Let me just end this by saying I'd hate for more horrible things to happen to Gwen like becoming a villain and only adding to the pile of hot mess that was her affair storyline, but wouldn't it also be intriguing!? If it's not Gwen, bullet dodged, but if it is - it's going to be intense! I'll also look really cool for having this theory out on the interwebs before we found out Kindred's identity!

As always, thanks for hanging out with us!

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