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How to Get Your Significant Other to Start Reading Comics

When you’re looking to get into a relationship as a comic book fan, the floppies are probably not the first thing you mention in your Tinder profile. This is understandable! While comic book reading and collecting has been around for almost 100 years, the majority of the population do not partake in it. So, it’s unlikely the person you find yourself wanting to have a relationship with will already be reading comics… except in my case.

Yes, I am the exception to the completely fact rule that I just made up. I met my boyfriend when I started frequenting the comic shop he worked at. We first bonded over our already deep seeded love of comics and then all the mushy stuff came later. I realize how lucky I am! It is a very convenient thing to be able to mention that I may have spent $50 on a variant and him not even bat an eyelash.

But I realize this is not the case for everyone. I have heard the stories of the eyerolls at the mention of wanting to check out a new shop or the tiffs over your BCW boxes taking up too much closet space. Which is why I decided to write up a few tips and tricks on how to get your significant other to enjoy comics alongside you! I am by no means an expert, but I hope the following helps to aid in your venture and hopefully, at least, keep the eyerolls to a minimum.

Refer to their favorite Books or Movies for Inspiration

Before you recommend anything, consider what your partner’s favorite movies/books/TV shows are. Are they huge Wizard of Oz fans? Pass them a few trades of Oz by Skottie Young and Eric Shanower. Do they enjoy mysterious thrillers? Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino could do the trick. Did they wait all year for the new season of Stranger Things? Suggest Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. Overall, keeping your S/O’s unique taste in mind could make it easier for them to get into a series you recommend. You may also be sensing a trend here…

Lay Off the Superheroes

Hear me out, while Batman IS the absolute coolest… if someone doesn’t initially show an interest in comics, then superheroes may not be the best route to go down at first. It’s incredibly overwhelming to begin reading a character that has decades worth of stories under their utility belt. So, if you want your partner to get into a comic – indies are your best friend. Independent comics that include interesting dynamic characters that are outside the Marvel/DC realm can be incredibly helpful. They allow someone to get acclimated to reading a comic while also staying close to typical fiction that they’ve encountered in other media. But if you really want them to get into superhero goodness, a 12 issue mini-series or one shots would be ideal!

I like these!

Just Because You Like It… Doesn’t Mean They Will

You ever get excited to show someone a movie, just for them to be on their phone the whole time? The same goes for this. It can be gutting to see the comic you care about so much on their bedside table collecting dust. Or, worse, for them to have read it and not like it. Try not to take it personally, it happens. Just because they don’t enjoy the books you do, doesn’t mean anything about the two of you. It just means your human is as unique and special as you are. Try a offering a different book or wait and try again later.

Lend Them Your Favorite

When all else fails, sometimes it can be as simple as lending your love the comics you love. Comics are a fun thing to enjoy on your own, but it is even better when you can share them with those around you. Particularly if you come across a book that leaves a lasting impact on you. Chances are if you express to them how much a comic means to you, they’re going to want to read it. Because they care about you!

: )

Patience and understanding is key here. You may have tried all of these things and had no success. It doesn't mean you stop trying, but adjust to your partner. Keep in mind this comic book collecting/reading is time consuming, takes up space, and can be expensive over time. So it isn't exactly an ideal hobby for everyone. But if you enjoy it and want to share it with others, give it your best shot. Always remembering just because someone doesn't love the things you love... doesn't mean they don't love YOU. Good luck!


Anna is an avid comic reader from Texas. She began her comic journey one bored summer off from college 5 years ago. A hobbyist, with a knack for picking things up and letting them go, comic books have withstood the test of time. She collects her weekly pull consisting of Marvel, DC, and a selection of Indie titles. She works for her local comic shop's various stores, conventions, and social media. Along with comic reading she enjoys playing Pokemon Go, listening to crime podcasts, and eating lots of Hot Cheetos... at the same time.
Don't forget to check out her NEW YOUTUBE channel Anna Reads Comics, CLICK HERE!
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Sal Felix
Sal Felix
Sep 21, 2019

I've always thought about how to get someone who loves Marvel movies into reading comics, as I've encountered this with my partner. But it's kind of like getting someone who liked the movie 'It' into reading the Stephen King novel - if they don't like books then they're not gonna read it.

I have a decent Marvel comics collection but they aren't interested when I try to get them to read. I feel it's the comic format itself, and maybe a digital format is more appealing. I notice that my friends will watch YouTube videos about "The 10 most powerful mutants" or "Apocalypse's powers explained", but aren't interested in checking out the source material. So perhaps comics need to embrace…


I need my wife to read this :)

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