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The Greatest Investment Ever

While it's been a while since I've had an entry on this amazing blog, the world has kept turning, comic books have hit shelves again, and we're all pulling through together! We've had, what feels like, some of our greatest setbacks as a people, as a nation, but through tragedy the triumph, when reached, only feels sweeter! So much has been going on in this world, we may all have turned to our hobbies for comfort and solace - I know I did and do! With that said, I may have made my family's greatest investment ever while scrolling through the interwebs as an extension of our love for Spider-Man!

I was scrolling ( who am I kidding? I was specifically searching for a thing) on Amazon and found the coolest, most awesome Spider-Man costumes I could have thought of at such an affordable price! I got matching ones for my son, Clark, and I without hesitation!!! This was a great way to continue and keep our common interests of Marvel and heroes alive while there was a ton of down time and we couldn't really go and do anything! Honestly, I just kept wracking my brain day after day for reasons to wear the suit. It was a great and fun impulse buy but was there really any reason to have this thing in my closet!? That's when it hit me - use the friggin' TikTok app that you downloaded and never opened! This catapulted us into a frenzy of what can we think up next!?

Our TikTok has really opened up a fresh new world for social media content creation.

The limits are essentially non-existent. They're truly limited by only your imagination and as you get to watch and interact with other creators, you see such a vast and talented world expand! From homemade music videos to scene recreations and even superhero interactions from some amazing cosplayers! The variety of content is soooooo deep! It's not just a bunch of little kids dancing, like it's widely talked about. Luckily, my wife jumped on bored and continues to be a good sport even if she could care less some days! Once Clark and I got to the point where we needed a Gwen to be involved, she happily suited up and did her thing! As I've mentioned before, having the opportunity to include my whole family in my hobby is a rare blessing that I don't take for granted!

Now here we are, just a couple of months later, with 13,000 followers and a whole new

outlook on content that we're able and willing to make! We made a video including the entire family and put the song "My Family" from the new Addams Family soundtrack over it. This video is what really took off and put us on the map and gave me so much joy to see content that included my family get some real appreciation and enjoyment from people. We got over 480,000 views and counting and a hefty amount of new followers. You can watch that video by clicking here! What's even more exciting to me is to watch Clark be so incredibly creative with his ideas at only 6 years old! Remember, my main focus as a father is to ensure that whatever he wants to do, he visualizes and believes that it's possible to get done - sometimes it just may take some effort!

As always, thank you all so much for all of the positive vibes, enjoying the same hobbies and characters as us, and thank you for reading this blog! I have a couple of ideas lined up for some additional blog content so keep your eyes peeled on this page - and in the mean time, check us out on Instagram and TikTok!

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