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Talking Thor And Our New Exclusives

The droll of thunder echoes across the cosmos as divine lighting illuminates the universe! The Odinson, King of Asgard, and God of Thunder, Thor is here and here to stay. Doing battle with the interdimensional entity known as the Black Winter, along with finding himself opposing the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus, the current Thor series by Donny Cates has been a non-stop, action-packed, uru-infused story of titanic proportions.

Changing the landscape of the Marvel Universe and the mythology of Thor in typical Donny Cates fashion, if you haven’t been reading the latest adventures of the thunder god, you are missing out. Everything Cates writes has touched the Marvel Universe in massive ways over the last couple of years. While the villain Knull, over in the Venom comics, might be currently stealing the show, the Black Winter, another Cates creation, will likely prove himself an equally destructive and important villain in the months and years to come!

You might be asking, why are we talking about Thor? Aside from the speculation and awesomeness of comics that we love discussing with all you wonderful folks, we here over at ComicTom101 are proud about our exclusive Thor #7 cover! With majestic artwork by the incomparable Das Pastoras, this isn’t so much a cover, but a piece of art that captures the glory of Thor and his home of Asgard!, We are both honored and extremely lucky to have such a magnificent creator working side-by-side with us in delivering a comic book we know you’ll love and cherish! And hey, just want to let you know we also have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #109 by JonBoy X-Men # 173 homage! Please, don’t find yourself missing out on some top tier books!

We hope you join our community, in so doing getting a ComicTom101 Mystery Mail Call box that comes loaded with awesome books like our Thor #7 exclusives, among other wonderful goodies, including Modern, Bronze, and Silver Age comics! Be sure to follow our Instagram and head over to the ComicTom101 Blog for updates on any and all secret variants and exclusives we have coming out!

In the meantime, let’s take a gander at five epic moments from Donny Cates’ run on Thor!

5. Galactus Comes To Asgard

Now the King of Asgard, Thor protects and watches over all he surveys. Being the God of Thunder, his territory is vast and nearly all-encompassing! However, just as Thor starts growing accustomed to his kingly duties in Thor #1, he gets a surprise visit from none other than Galactus. One of Marvel’s most powerful beings comes literally crashing down on Thor’s doorstep, beaten and broken, pleading for help. What could manhandle the Devourer of Worlds so absolutely? Thor is about to find out and his world will change forever.

4. Thor Powers Up

Back in the day Stan Lee described Thor as Superman, but with a hammer. Inarguably one of the strongest heroes in Marvel Comics, you’d be hard-pressed to come across anyone capable of challenging the God of Thunder.

Unable to beat back the Black Winter by his lonesome, Galactus pleads with Thor for help. Thor agrees, but not before Galactus bestows a gift on the deity. Flooding Thor's body with the legendary Power Cosmic, Thor’s already impressive powers are amplified beyond comprehension. Truly becoming the mightiest hero in the universe, Thor now wields cosmic energies, the Thor-force, and his natural might, ascending the hero to new and unprecedented heights of strength.

3. Thor vs. Beta Ray Bill

Agreeing to accompany Galactus in his quest to destroy the Black Winter, Thor eventually finds himself at odds with one of his closest friends: Beta Ray Bill in Thor #3. Displeased with Thor siding with Galactus, who has been eating planets to power up in order to fight the Black Winter, the horse-headed Korbonite cyborg is more than willing to do anything to stop the pair, including, but not limited to, pounding their faces in with his hammer Stormbreaker. Unable to convince his “brother” that their actions are for the greater good, Thor fights Bill, humoring his friend’s desire for battle, taking the time to try and explain his actions. Finding Bill unwilling to yield, Thor’s patience runs out and he smashes Stormbreaker and nearly kills Bill, perhaps breaking their bond once and for all.

2. Thor vs. Galactus vs. the Black Winter

The time has come and the battle we’ve been leading up to has arrived. In Thor #5, carrying on into Thor #6, the God of Thunder and Galactus take on the terrifying Black Winter. The battle is long, fierce, and expansive. The universe shudders as their powers collide, with each combatant throwing everything they have at the other. From psychic warfare in Lovecraftian mindscapes to planet-destroying god blasts, everything but the kitchen sink is tossed in! The battle finally reaches its zenith when Thor, knowing Galactus is also a danger to the universe, uses his newfound cosmic might, combined with his godly powers, to suffuse himself and Galactus with enough energy to turn the latter into a living bomb. Upon detonation, Galactus and the Black Winter meet their end; Thor emerges the victor. Yet not before…

1. Thor Sees His Death

Way back when, Galactus saw his death prophesied by the Black Winter: Thor would kill the Devourer of Worlds. True to form, the God of Thunder does just that. After the climactic battle of the three otherworldly powers, the Black Winter is about to die, but before he does, he gives Thor the option of seeing how he will die. Thor accepts and the vision leaves him all but on the verge of madness for weeks. What could kill the mighty Thor? How will he die? Apparently at the hands of Thanos, armed with an Infinity Gem-infused Mjolnir, accompanied by a massive horde of Marvel zombies!

That’s it for now, everyone! Be sure to check in again for any and all articles we have coming your way in our blog! You don’t want to miss any of it!

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