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Who is Mark Shaw Manhunter?

The King Jack Kirby is known for many creations, but one of his least known creations happens to be Mark Shaw MANHUNTER. Splashing into comics in 1975 in 1st Issue Special #5, we get introduced to Mark Shaw as a frustrated public defender who is fed up with the justice system and with people in positions of power taking advantage over the little people. As he vents to his uncle, his uncle shows Mark the ancient hidden collection he has amassed over the years. Why does his uncle do this you might ask? It’s very simple! He has a solution for Mark’s frustration with injustice: A glass coffin with a hyper realistic mask and a golden Lion medallion that when he speaks truth into it he can contact the Legend.

After Shaw spoke his name, days passed and the Grand Master delivered the Suit and Mask to him. In between those days, the previous MANHUNTER grew old from a battle in the Talking Heads Cave and needed to transfer his powers before he passed away. Luckily, just as this happened a true fighter of justice was ready to arise and become known as Mark Shawn Manhunter!

First Time Mark Shaw wears the suit

Once the suit and mask were on, Shaw noticed it gave his body added power that he could use to fight the many injustices. Unfortunately, the day he received the suit was the day his last client was murdered in a gang execution. His client was in Shaw’s custody making Shaw feel a personal responsibility for his demise.

Later on, Mark Shaw realized The Grand-master was a robot and was betraying him so he went out and killed him. After that Mark Shaw reinvented himself as a new hero called Privateer but was shortly found out to be also working as a villain under the name Star-Tsar. Once this came to light by the Red Tornado Mark Shaw was hauled off to prison.

I hope this was a good and brief history on the character. Make sure to comment below if you have any questions or would like to add something. I would recommend you try to look and pick up his first appearance in 1st Issue Special #5.

1st Issue Speacial #5
Interior Splash page


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