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Top 5 Comics 6/3/20

What new comic books coming out this week should you keep your eye out for? Not sure if I can answer that question, but I’ll tell ya what. I can go over what I believe are the top 5 best books releasing for this week, let me know what you think.

To start off the list I have to shine some light over on the bat and no, not batman, but Detective Comics issue 1022. In the last weeks, prior to the Covid-19 shutdown, there was a lot of ruckus about Batman because of a new appearance of The Joker's newest eye candy, Punchline. All that hype is going around but people seem to not be talking about Detective Comics as much even though the story's been pretty good. How good you might ask? Well, we ended issue 1021 with Batman being shot multiple times from his head down to his waistline. Now we know Batman doesn't die, well at least not in the last 80 years, so this brings up the question of how does Batman survive being shot multiple times? Is he going to be ok and how the hell will he get out of this one? Also, not to mention this issue of Detective Comics 1022 is a Joker War tie in, so will we see Punchline? So many questions and this is why I never take Detective Comics off the pull list. Oh and if that isn't enough we have the talented Lee Bermejo doing the card stock B cover, yeah its priced 1$ higher at $4.99 but well worth it in my opinion.

Shifting gears from DC, briefly making our way into the indie genre, Boom Studios makes the list this week. Red Mother issue #5, could this be the week that something actually happens, or are we still going to be strung down this curious rabbit hole that I need answers for? If you haven't read issues 1-4 as of yet I recommend holding off at least until we get the first trade paperback. I don't say that coming from a negative stance but from the mindawt of I'm not sure how this story is going to pan out and I would recommend any new readers to this, read in a binge format. If you have been reading this series, don't forget about it this week for we might possibly get something out of this issue but given the track record, I'm sure it will be fewer answers and more questions. That might sound like a bad book but there is this underlying factor of, I want to know more and more, that keeps me in this love-hate relationship with Red Mother.

Looking back at some more DC Comics, how can I leave out SHAZAM issue 12? This book, I understand, was slightly delayed upon release and some interior panels don't look the best, but man what a story! Currently, I don't believe there is a trade paperback but if you can get ahold of the back issues ( or digital books) this has been one enjoyable light ride. We left off with issue #11 back at the end of February (2020). Now, entering June, we are able to get our hands on issue #12 and oh man do I want this so bad. We left off having all the monsters from the monster lands being released. These are monsters that have been imprisoned for over a Millennia because they all dared to go against the Council of Wizards. Not only that but it looks like The Dummy went ahead and released what looks like Superboy-Prime! Oh man I could only imagine what Geoff Johns in store for us.

Now, we are not getting too many books this week and looks like Marvel is lacking pretty heavily on the books with, I believe, nothing coming out except for trade paperbacks. To wrap up my last two books, they would have to be cover buys for me. I’m not saying I would never read these but that's not the reason I am picking these up. These books are strictly for the cover work art. The first being Wonder Woman Issue #756 with cover B done by Mikel Janin. The second cover being Catwoman 80th anniversary issue ($9.99 little pricey, I recommend holding off a few months until its a 1-3$ book at the LCS).


-Perry Comics

Perry here, I host a pop culture YouYube channel known as Perry Comics and also a little Instagram over at @perry_comics. Feel free to message me or catch me on one of my live streams, currently doing a daily live morning show going over all the pop culture news in a 24 hour cycle.

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