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1 Year Anniversary Of The Buy Or Pass Show

One year ago I was thinking of doing a live show and one year later, the show is still going on. I remember that Tuesday night when I called community member The Comic Jabroni and told him "we're going live". I can't leave out Perry Comics who jumped on to join us. It was a hot mess as we talked about what comics to buy or pass on new comic book day. As the weeks keep coming and going we've come a long way and now it's a hit! We've had special guest on the show like our friend John’s Comics with Kids among others. So if you missed the live show, the replay is up and ready for you to watch. Thank you all who’ve been there through this journey. We really appreciate your support.

Here is the link to the anniversary show

Here is some screen shots from the first Buy or Pass show.

As always, I'm your boy Rod The Rican. Stay tuned for the live shows every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Don't forget about the free giveaways every month and with that being said don't do anything I wouldn't. Peaceeeeeee

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