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ComicTom101 is a social media influencer who host multiple comic book related shows including two different Top Ten shows, Weekly Pull Shows, Comic Karma, and many more. ComicTom101 also distributes a monthly subscription based Mystery Mail Call box to MMC Members that includes at least one Mail Call Exclusive comic, original art from community artists, and a variety of mystery comics. ComicTom101 is releasing the Peach Momoko collaboration Tee shirt and Tote Bag through thier ecommerce web store where they sell show branded merch and other geek tees are sold regularly. (

Lake Stevens WA, October 10th, 2020 --( The well known Youtube channel ComicTom101 is announcing the world’s first merchandise collaboration with the insanely talented artist Peach Momoko. ComicTom101 has been building the merchandise line to include more designs relevant to the comic community as well as show branded tees. As of October 10th, 2020 on, the ComicTom101 team is proud to release the first ever official Peach Momoko Merchandise offering an amazing tee shirt print titled "Sukeban" and a tote print "Chrishabana".

The launch comes off the back of a break-in at the ComicTom101/Mill Geek Comics Washington location. From the ComicTom101 website- “After our break-in that (in) August, Peach wanted to do something for the community. Proceeds from this shirt, the tote sale, and the bundle will all go to upgrading the security at our shop, help us protect your Mystery Mail Call products, and create an over all safer environment for the team that assembles the MMC every month.

To Recap, there was a break in at Mill Geek Comics on Saturday morning at 4am on Aug 8th. The would be robbers did not get any comics, collectibles, or money but they did leave some damage the store is responsible for.”

This announcement comes on the ground shifting news of Peach Momoko signing an exclusive cover deal with Marvel Comics.

The extremely limited release will run from October 10th 2020 for ten days and end at midnight PST on October 20th, 2020. These two merchandise items will never be offered again once the pre-sale has ended. After the 20th, the orders will collected and sent to production to be fulfilled well before the holidays.

Tee shirts are $22- Shop Here

Totes are $24- Shop Here

Tee Shirt/Tote Bundle for $42- Shop Here

All proceeds will go to expand the ComicTom101 Mystery Mail Call security, storage, location, and upgrades.

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