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I was on a (different!) podcast!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I'll make this one quick, I promise!

Simon and Simon, the hosts of the podcast Shortbox Sharks, reached out and asked if I would like to be a guest on their podcast! They're a couple of brilliant lads from across the pond, and I had an excellent time talking with them. Be sure and follow them on Instagram @shortboxsharks to stay up to date on their upcoming episodes!

Simons! If either of you are reading this, I'm down for another go-round someday, if you're up for it!

Click the "Shortbox Sharks" link above and then EPISODE 2. Or, episode 1 if you wanna hear from fellow blog contributor Regie Collects!

Thanks for stopping by everyone, and don't forget to.......?


-Fire Guy Ryan

Fire Guy Ryan (sometimes just known as Normal Ryan) is one of the co-hosts on the ComicTom101 YouTube channel (and podcast!). When he's not reading comics or talking about them with his friends Tom, Russ, Jeff and Eryn, he's most likely working his graveyard job at the hotel in Seattle or sleeping in the daytime, and those are the two reasons he's probably not answering you right now. He's a lover of storytelling - film and television in particular - and every now and then he tries writing his own screenplay. He totally didn't write this blurb about himself either.

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1 Comment

Ray Pantoja
Ray Pantoja
Oct 24, 2019

So much YouTube comic goodness, I'm gonna have to check out episode 1 and 2 to check out some of my favorite "lads" Regie and Ryan. ALSO Shortbox sharks is such a good name.

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