Donny Cates: Where to Start?

Imagine this scenario: you've just finished the first issue of Thor by Donny Cates and Nic Klein. You close the comic and you can't stop thinking about it. You need more...but the next issue isn't out for WEEKS! Eugh. Wait a minute...this Donny Cates guy wrote a pretty interesting Thor comic...maybe, just maybe...he has some other comics out there too...?

Hello everybody! It's Fire Guy Ryan here, and I'm excited. I don't usually say that word about myself, but today I'm actually excited. I'm here to talk about Donny Cates! In honor of our first Marvel exclusive variant comic included in our Mystery Mail Call, I've taken the time to do a deep dive (well, at the very least an average-depth dive) into the works of Sir Cates, as he's known in ComicTom World, in order to bring you...FIVE IMPORTANT DONNY CATES COMICS YOU NEED TO READ.

I personally got the Donny Cates memo pretty late in the game. I have a weird completionist thing about not putting a title on my pull list partway through a run, so by the time I first heard of him (early 2018, just after I joined ComicTom101) Cates was already writing Thanos, and like a fool I initially passed on Venom! I eventually picked up the trades for both comics and was instantly hooked on the epic scale of his writing and the seemingly-contradictory personal, intimate way his comics are written. This led me to undertake the journey I'm about to transcribe below, my descent into the glorious madness that is Donny Cates.

Babyteeth #1

#5: Babyteeth