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Talking "White Ash" from Scout Comics

Hey Comic Fam! Fire Guy Ryan here, to draw your attention to a video we dropped the other day on our YouTube channel ComicTom101: a discussion with Perry from Perry Comics (here's his Instagram and YouTube channel!) about the fantasy series White Ash, written by Charlie Stickney, drawn by Conor Hughes, and published by Scout Comics!

A few weeks ago, ComicTom and myself opened our copies of the Scout Comics Monthly Subscription Box - a box you can order from Scout's website that includes every comic that Scout publishes in a given month.

Behold! Our first Scout Box!

It's an easy, hassle-free way to try out their comics, and Tom and I had a lot of fun going through each of them on camera and discussing them. You can check that video out here, if you want! It's an ongoing series that we'll be doing monthly, so stay tuned for more Scout Box videos!

But by the end of that video, we had two comics left over that we didn't read: White Ash #5 and North Bend #2. We put the question to the community: which of these two series should we read and discuss on camera?

The people have spoken!

White Ash won, by a mile, so we brought our friend Perry on to talk about the comic with us.

White Ash is an unassuming enough story, at first. It starts with our protagonist Aleck, living in a run-down coal-mining town, where his best option seems to be following in his dad's footsteps as a coal miner. This isn't what Aleck wants, and we follow him in this first issue as he says his goodbyes on his way out of town and on to college.

However, an accident in the mine puts his father in critical condition, and Aleck makes the fateful decision to stay and look after his father. One thing leads to another, and...well, I don't want to spoil too much here! We get into this six-issue story in more detail in our video! Or, if you want to read the comics yourselves, you can check out the White Ash section of Scout Comics' website, where you can order print copies of all six issues, digital copies, exclusive covers, and even some White Ash merch!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned to the ComicTom101 Blog, for plenty more coverage on Scout Comics, and everything else!

Geek Responsibly!

-Fire Guy Ryan

Fire Guy Ryan (sometimes just known as Normal Ryan) is one of the co-hosts on the ComicTom101 YouTube channel. When he's not reading comics or talking about them with his friends Tom, Russ, Jeff and Eryn, he's most likely working his graveyard job at the hotel in Seattle or sleeping in the daytime, and those are the two reasons he's probably not answering you right now. He's a lover of storytelling - film and television in particular - and every now and then he tries writing his own screenplay. He totally didn't write this blurb about himself either.

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