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Goldballs, Cosmic Ghost Rider, and More, Oh My!

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Hello, comic book family! Thank you for joining us for yet another inspired episode of the Bags and Boards Show With ComicTom101! In the unlikely event you haven’t checked out the ComicTom101 YouTube Channel be sure to do so, as there’s always tons of quality comic book speculation content awaiting your attention!

In doing our best to ensure you miss out on as little as possible, we like to give a small recap on the previous week. Of course if you want to listen to every bit of jaw-dropping, mouth-watering comic book speculation news, you’ve got to check it out! In the meantime, did you hear that Marvel writer Donny Cates is taking over the Thor title? That’s right, Jason Aaron is passing the torch, or in this case hammer, to the popular scribe! Fans are betting hard that Cates will contribute something spectacular to the Thor mythos; considering how he’s handled characters like Venom and Silver Surfer, we are in agreement!

Now it’s that time to take on some of the latest and most sensational news of the week! If you’ve been reading the highly acclaimed House of X comic by writer Jonathan Hickman, then it’s probably come to your attention that a wider range of mutants are being used in new and exciting ways, and in this case, none more so than Goldballs. Originally introduced in the All-New X-Men series by Brian Michael Bendis, Goldballs was a bit of a silly character, until recently. Turns out, he’s super important for the X-Men. However, a dutiful comic book fan pointed out that there’s a panel (that we had to painstakingly find on our own) where a future Deadpool runs into a past Goldballs (don’t ask) and confirms Goldball’s status as a super important and famous X-Man in the future. You can read it yourself in Wolverine and the X-Men #36!

Moving forward, lately it’s hard to discuss comics without (once again) mentioning Donny Cates. This time around there’s a small group of folks calling out the writer, claiming he behaved belligerently when accused of stealing the idea of his Cosmic Ghost Rider from Guardians of the Galaxy #13. Cates for his part came out saying he’d never seen the cover before and even writer Jim Valentino, who penned the 90’s Guardians of the Galaxy series sided with Donny Cates on the matter. Even so, there’s always going to be those sects of individuals who will find trouble even when there is none.

And that concludes our Bags and Boards Show With ComicTom101! Granted, there was plenty more discussed, but if you want more, you’ll have to check out the ComicTom101 YouTube page and/or listen to the podcast itself over on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Stitcher! Don’t forget to come back every Sunday for a brand new episode!

As always, geek responsibly! ‘Nuff said!

- Octavio Karbank

A writer by trade and aficionado of all things pop culture, Octavio Karbank is a recent addition to the ComicTom101 team! A devoted comic book collector, with plenty of long boxes to prove it, Octavio is always on the hunt for those elusive key issues! A freelance writer who has penned articles for websites like CBR and Bleeding Cool, he’s excited to be working alongside some of the greatest minds the world of comic book speculation has to offer! If you’re interested in checking out more of his ramblings, go to his Twitter page:

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