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Debunking CGC Myths

Comic book collectors want the most bang for their buck where comics are concerned! We all want to grab that “hot book” for a reasonable price! The only question is, what do you do with it after it has been acquired? For many, the answer is to try and determine the grade; there’s arguably no better method for getting one’s comics graded than using CGC.

The Certified Guaranty Company, CGC, is perhaps the most famous (and in some cases infamous) service that not only grades one’s comics, which in turn applies a certain monetary value on them, but seals them in encapsulated boards, protecting the valuable gems. However, over the years collectors have begun to develop questions regarding CGC and grading comics as a whole. In our latest video on ComicTom101, Debunking x3 CGC Myths,we dove into the ins and out of grading, offering a deeper examination into the world of CGC.

In sitting down with CGC’s head grader Matt Nelson we got down and dirty, answering three of the biggest questions we know the comic book community has been clamoring to get answered! Granted, we won’t go through them all here, because we know you want to watch us discuss the matter, but we’ll treat you to a sample!

We’re going ahead with the first question/subject we wanted answers about: are the comic book slabs waterproof? Can you dunk them in a bucket of water and have the comic come out fine? Surely, you, like us, have pondered over these questions in some shape or form. As it turns out, it’s a bad idea to go deep sea diving with your encapsulated comic books. We learned that if you dunk the slab into a pool of water, the comic inside is going to get soaked; the water will seep through the cracks and have its way with your prized possession! So hopefully you’re not planning on using your CGC comics as a paddleboard.

With that in mind, we encourage you to watch the rest of ourDebunking x3 CGC Myths video! We promise you won’t be disappointed! And don’t forget, every Sunday we have The Bags and Boards Show With ComicTom101 podcast; it can be found (and listened to) over on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Stitcher.

As always, geek responsibly! ‘Nuff said!

- Octavio Karbank

A writer by trade and aficionado of all things pop culture, Octavio Karbank is a recent addition to the ComicTom101 team! A devoted comic book collector, with plenty of long boxes to prove it, Octavio is always on the hunt for those elusive key issues! A freelance writer who has penned articles for websites like CBR and Bleeding Cool, he’s excited to be working alongside some of the greatest minds the world of comic book speculation has to offer! If you’re interested in checking out more of his ramblings, go to his Twitter page:

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If you're a dealer and not just a private collector, isn't your view of CGC inherently biased?

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