Bags and Boards Aug 19, 2019

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

mHello, fellow comic book aficionados! Welcome to The Bags and Boards Show with ComicTom101! We know you’ve kept your ears to the ground, eagerly anticipating another phenomenal episode! Well don’t worry, because now’s the time to sit back and enjoy all the comic book-related awesomeness we have to share! As with every episode, we work to ensure you hear the stuff that no one else is telling you about!

Last time on the podcast, we discussed some sensational topics! There was mention about how Carnage comics are becoming an extra, a hot commodity, what with the new Venom 2 movie on the way. There was also a lively and incredibly fascinating conversation with Brian Pulido, the owner of Coffin Comics and creator of the character Lady Death. If you haven’t listened and/or watched said Episode 2go back and give it a good listening to!

And so, we’re now into the third episode: Spider-Man Clone Saga Is Coming? Hidden Sketches in Absolute Carnage. Man, oh, man, if that title alone isn’t enough to further rouse your curiosity, we don’t know what will do it!