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Saturday Morning Comics: Miraculous and Dogman!!

Hello Comics Fans! We had another fun SATURDAY MORNING COMICS show this weekend and the girls and I shared a bunch of fun books we are reading. Check out the quick reviews the girls wrote for you here and, if these sound like fun, click the link to watch the show for yourselves!

We try to do it every Saturday at 8am pacific. Now that we are into soccer season that might shuffle a bit but that’s our time frame goal each week. Thanks for reading and keep it up!

Kate’s Review-

My graphic novel is called Miraculous: Claws Out! In each Miraculous graphic novel there are three stories. I picked the last one called: Time Breaker. Before I break that book down I need to explain a bit! Miraculous is an animated TV series that was made into a comic book. It takes place in Paris, France. The main characters are two teenagers in high school named Marinette and Adrien. No one knows that they are actually the crime fighting duo, Ladybug and Cat Noir! The title comes from the magic jewels called Miraculous that the heroes own.

The bad guy’s name is Hawkmoth. In each story Hawkmoth ‘akumatizes’ an innocent victim to make them into his super powered minion. The akumatized minion in this book is Time Breaker. I think this is one of my favorite bad guys because she is so close to defeating the heroes it is crazy! The funniest part is when Ladybug says to Cat Noir: “Your life depends on it!” and he says: “Which life. I’ve got nine!”

I rate this story five out of five stars!

Charlie’s Review-

My graphic novel was called Dogman: For Whom the Ball Rolls. Dogman is a story about a police dog and a cop. He became Dogman long ago. One day when a police dog and his best bud cop heard someone yell “Help there’s a bomb!” they ran to the scene and saw a bomb! The cop asked his dog Gregory what string he should cut. Gregory said “grr” and the cop said “green it is!” SNAP! BOOM! The cop said “Oh I forgot dogs are color blind.” At the hospital the doctor had bad news. The doctor said “Oh cop your head is dying. Oh Greg your body's dying. ho boo hoo.” Just then the nurse had an idea. “Hey doctor what if we sew Greg’s head onto cop’s body?” “Good idea!” A few minutes later. Introducing Dogman! I think the funniest and cutest character is Li’l Petey!

I rate this story ten out of ten stars!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading the reviews everyone! Check back each week for more!

-John’s Comics with Kids

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