X of Swords: THEORIES

After reading the latest issue in the X of Swords (STASIS), I came to the conclusion that some big things are in store for this Hickman universe. A few of my friends, including Dan from Comic Chop News, predicted the 'twist' at the end of this issue, but it got me thinking that it might be fun to speculate on how this event series might end up reshaping the mutant island nation. Therefore, I am launching this speculative look into the future and making some predictions. Let's see how accurate I can be!

Winners and Losers:

We are going to have a Ten vs Ten tournament so it stands to reason that there will be some winners and losers. Nine of our mutant friends (I'll count Brian Braddock I suppose) have followed Apocalypse into Otherworld to fight to the death and, as we know, dying in Otherworld comes at a price. Any mutant who is resurrected after losing in this tournament won't be the same character we remember. Instead, they will be an amalgam of all the other possible versions of that character from across the multi-verse. Consider this to be the Hickman reboot for any mutants he'd like to reshape. SO then, who do we think will win, and who will be 'reshaped'? Here is a list for you along with their chances of winning (High, 50/50, or Low).

Apocalypse: chances of survival - Low

I believe that this series is setting us up for the end of Apocalypse as we know him. This is his swan song, as it were, and he will either come out of this event totally changed or he won't come out at all. I will be sad either way but at least he's getting a cool send-off.