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Epd.32 Buy or Pass on New Comic Book Day

Some amazing books will be dropping 10/9/19 from 1st appearances to new ongoing series and you can’t forget some key issues! So I listed some books below that are on my radar to pick up and If I need some help to know what to buy or pass my homies Perry & Edwin got my back along with the best app THE KEY COLLECTOR APP! What are you picking up? Leave a comment and let me know what your buying or passing. Oh, I can't forget to mention, if you miss the live show take a minute and watch the replay.


If you‘re a fan of Joker and the legendary John Carpenter, this is a must buy.


Finally we have an ongoing series for Doctor Doom! I can see this book having multiple prints!!!!


Issue #300 was off the charts now we have issue #301 with several variant covers!! This is a cover buy for me guys. I‘m a fan of Alex Ross and this virgin cover is dope. What cover are you buying?


This has been a great fun read that’s different from other books out there and thanks to Perry Comics for getting me down with this one.

Thank you all for checking out the channel, feel free to subscribe if you haven't already and hit that like button. I really appreciate your support


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