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BERSERK: GRIFFITH The Falcon of Light Statue Review

What's going on everybody, Gem Mint here. Today we review the Prime 1 Studio, Griffith: The Falcon of Light from Berserk. This is the exclusive version that comes with the Behelit.

Griffith comes in two large boxes. You have the stylized red graphics on one side, you have the yellow background with Griffith on the other side. You have the Brand of Sacrifice logo on the sides and the Berserk logo in Japanese on the top. As always Prime 1 Studio delivers amazing-looking art boxes.

Exclusive Behelit

The cape is very heavy and it's humongous! It's a two-tone cape, with white on the outside and purple interior. Very nice texture on both sides. The gold collar is shaped like falcon feathers and really pops on the cape. One of Griffith's left-hand options is holding his helmet. The other left hand is a closed fist. Pictured to the left is the exclusive piece, the crimson Behelit. This one is not fully formed like the one that comes with Femto. It wouldn't be a Prime 1 statue without its huge base. I like how the base has remnants of the egg. The rocky base is littered with Falcon feathers which adds a lot of dimension to the statue.

Second Box, First layer

The second box has two layers. The first layer comes with an assortment of swords and feathers which key into the base. It appears to be swords of both his enemies and his comrades. On the bottom left, you can see Griffith's sword, which is long and elegant. The sword is attached to his right hand which is connected to the gold guard. The swords are made out of metal and have good weight to them. The feathers are intricately sculpted with smooth white paint and baby blue highlights.

Second box, Second layer

The second layer has three large falcons. Pictures don't do these birds justice, they are so much bigger in person. I'm impressed by the long wingspan and its realistic paint applications. Moving on to Griffith's portrait. He looks funny without the three hairpieces that key into the top and side of his head. I was surprised to see that his hair has more of a silver color than the white hair seen in the anime.

Head Piece

Although Griffith may have a graceful demeanor, fans of the manga and anime know that he is a skilled warrior. His stoic pose is complemented by the movement of the birds and feathers that surround him. His metal armor is reminiscent of something you would see during medieval times. The base is fitted with the Band of the Hawk Crest, unlike the other statues in this line, which don the Brand of Sacrifice.

Final result

This statue embodies Griffith in his final form as the Falcon of Light. The latest Berserk statue from Prime 1 Studio continues the tradition of high quality and fine detail that we have seen from the other pieces in this line. Make sure to watch the video below for the full assembly and review, which includes 360 degrees of footage in 4K definition!



-Gem Mint

I unbox and review statues from Sideshow Collectibles, XM Studios, Prime1 Studio, Iron Studios, and more! I give my honest opinion on anything I review. Subscribe to the channel for daily content and stay minty fresh!

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