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5 Comics To Buy: August 28, 2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

This weeks is one of the biggest comic book weeks in recent memory. So while I picked 5 comics, I also added a few honorable mentions. Yes, this makes this week‘s list closer to 10 Comics To Buy, but this is a packed week. I might remember how to do math next week! Now onto the comics!

Absolute Carnage #2 – Marvel Comics Wow what a first issue! I have been a fan of Spider-Man since I was a kid, and Maximum Carnage was a huge part of my early fandom. The comic event and the Super Nintendo game are such nostalgic cornerstones for me, and the first issue of this series brought me back. Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman have upped the ante from their amazing run on Venom and no one feels safe from Carnage! This is everything I wanted and more.

You can watch my review of Absolute Carnage #1 here

Venom #17 - Marvel Comics

I consider this a must buy if you are reading Absolute Carnage. This is the book where Cates, Stegman, and Coello have built the foundation (the life foundation?) that Carnage will tear down. Eddie Brock has been through a lot. He’s always been a loner, but now he has Dylan to protect. This is one of the best titles of the year, and I expect things to get even better. If you don't want to buy all of the tie-ins for Absolute Carnage, which you don't need, make sure to get Venom at least!

House of X #3 – Marvel Comics

I’m a huge X-Men fan. Along with Spider-Man, they were one of the first comics I grabbed off of the spinner rack. I spent years reading Claremont and aside from a few solid entries, I’ve felt the books have lacked something over the recent years. Enter Jonathan Hickman, one of the best big concept writers out there, and with him comes the fantastic art of Pepe Larraz. Even in just a few issues, this and the accompanying Powers of X have been filled with shocking and awesome moments.

You can watch my review of House of X #1 here

Batman/Superman #1 – DC Comics

If you haven’t gotten enough of The Batman Who Laughs, then this is the title for you. Joshua Williamson is writing the next tale in the creepy crusader’s story while David Marquez will draw his creepy smile and spiked visor with his fantastic artwork. The covers alone for this series makes it one not to miss. This is going to be big.

You can watch my review of The Batman Who Laughs #1 here

Resonant #2 – Vault Comics

Vault has been putting out some really great titles this year. With first issues that grab you and pull you in. I’m happy to say that is exactly what Resonant #1 did. The first issue left on a cliffhanger, and gave us a father and his children trying to survive in a world that isn’t very kind. David Andry writes a great story full of mystery, while Alejandro Aragon brings it to life with some really great artwork. I am excited to see where this book goes. You can watch my review of Resonant #1 here

Honorable Mentions

I will also mention the eerie horror book Manor Black #2 by the creators of Harrow County from Dark Horse. The fantastic and underrated Justice League Dark #14, the best ongoing Batman book in Detective Comics #1010, and the awesome else-world tale Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2, all from DC Comics. Also, last but not least, The Mall #1 from Vault Comics is Mad Max meets The Warriors and takes place inside of, you guessed it, a Mall.

If you’d like to hear and see me ramble more about comics, I am the host of the Joe Ryan Comics Youtube channel, which you can access by clicking here. Thanks for reading, and happy comic book hunting!

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2 comentarios

28 ago 2019

I think it’s going to be awesome! Almost put that one down, I’m behind a few issues. Gotta catch up soon!

Me gusta

27 ago 2019

Hey Tom what do you think about the justice league #30 with the start of the "doom war"?

Me gusta
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