What is Coast To Coast Comics?

I had never done any live shows before, but that all changed when a community member under the name Jeffrey Komikhan Henson, sent me a message on Instagram asking me "how would I like to do a live show?" After thinking about it for a week I said sure! We came up with Coast To Coast Comics and for 38 straight weeks we‘ve sat down live and talked anything comic related. Not only that, but we stepped it up and decided to do interviews. We've had many people on like Regie Collects, Comics with Bueller, and even ComicTom himself. Recently, we had an interview with the writer of Road of Bones from IDW Publishing, Rich Douek. If you like take a minute and check out the video. It was a blast! Also check your LCS for the books. Hope to see you all in the chat every Saturday at 8pm EST.



Released May 22nd, 2019 by IDW Publishing


Released June 26th, 2019 by IDW Publishing