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Weekly Top Ten Aug 30, 2019

Welcome to your Weekly Top Ten! Below are the covers and the list complete with some links if you want to buy these books before they get hotter! If you want to check out the video where we go into much greater detail, click here.

10. Secret Wars 3- She-Hulk spec (Titania) Marvel two-in-one 54- Mention first Titania

$10.00- $120 = 200% Rise- Shop Here

9. Marvel Spotlight 2- Unconfirmed rumor that Werewolf by Night will appear in the MCU. Could appear with Moon Knight, Blade or on one of the Hulu shows

$130 mid-grade, $1,795 (9.6)= 271% Rise- Shop Here

8. Devil Dinosaur 1- Jack Kirby 1978 Moon Boy, Raws up to $40.00,

Slabbed going for $350 = 343%- Shop Here

7. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 1- Disney+ Animation series. Raws going for $30.00, Slabbed upwards of $210

(9.8) Variant 1:25 variant by Trevor Von Eedon sold for $500. Moon Girl and DD previously on the Key Collector Spec Deck = 253% Rise- Shop Here

6. Captain America 354- 1st John Walker as US Agent, formerly Super Patriot and Captain America. Raws going for $25.00= 500% Rise- Shop Here

5. All New Marvel Point One 1- Ms Marvel TV series. Steve McNiven 1:75 selling for close to $500 - 2nd print $40/50 (2014) $50.00 Highs going for $430 On the Key Collector Spec Deck for months= 900% Rise- Shop Here

4. Savage She-Hulk 1- Disney+ live-action TV series Raws going for $115 and up to $615

Also this was on the TOP 20 two weeks ago. There's a newsstand version but back then newsstand editions weren't spectacularly rare like they gradually came to be, especially over the past decade= Rise of 558%- Shop Here

3. Marvel Comics 1000 D23 Exclusive- 30 black and white copies given away at D23. 1st official appearance of Mickey Mouse on a Marvel cover.

$200.00- $480 purchased recently- Shop Here

2. Werewolf By Night 32- Moon Knight TV Series, Raws going for $800.00, (9.6)'s going for $6100. Saw a 156% Rise- Shop Here

1. Avengers 48- Black Knight confirmed for the Avengers, played by GOT's Kit Harrington AKA Jon Snow. Dane Whitman, The Black Knight appears in Avengers #47 but doesn't suit up until Avengers #48. Whitman is the descendant of two other Black Knights: Nathan Garrett who first appeared in Tales to Astonish #52 and the first Black Knight Sir Percy of Scandia, first appearance in Black Knight #1 from 1955.

$160 mid-grade, Slabbed up to $1,765

Sersi will be the lead role (reported by Key Collector two weeks prior to official announcement) and had a romantic relationship with the Black Knight in 90s Avengers comics that began in issue #350.

1660%- Shop Here

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This article was co-writen by Key Collector Comics and ComicTom101

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