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Weekly Top Ten Aug 16, 2019

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

Welcome to your Weekly Top Ten! Below are the covers and the list complete with some links if you want to buy these books before they get hotter! If you want to check out the video where we go into much greater detail, click here.

10 Uncanny X-Men #305 - 1st Phalanx- Shop Here

9. Sub Mariner #1-- Shop Here

8. Batman #655: 1st cameo appearance of Damian Wayne - Shop Here

7. Once and Future Variant (Dan Mora) - Shop Here

6. Secret Wars #1 rumored - Shop Here

5. Lethal Protector #4 - 1st appearance of Scream - Shop Here

4. X-Factor #6: 1st appearance of Apocalypse - Shop Here

3. Immortal Hulk #1 - Shop Here

2. Supergirl #33: Error - Shop Here

Superman #14: Error - Shop Here

1. Venom #9: 1st full appearance of Dylan Brock - Shop Here


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