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We, The Spoiled Adults...

I can almost guarantee we've all run in to someone who has a stack of comic books and they're just beaming with excitement! They start sorting through their stack of gold, ready to be millionaires, and you're just staring at a pile of $1 books. Well, as a Funko collector, this harsh reality is starting to become clearer and clearer now that Funko is and has been a publicly traded company.

Natural progression, right?

You see, we've gotten pretty lucky with Funko and the ability to make a quick buck on the aftermarket with a ton of stickered exclusives over the years. Con exclusives especially have been an easy way to take $15 and make $300. I'd say the fastest and most consistent flipping opportunities came from Funko POP! figures in the past few years. However, with them being publicly traded now, production numbers have gone up and resell values have dropped just as fast and with this has brought frustration and a new reality. A reality without Funko. Because, "Funko is dying!" they say. "It's only a matter of time!" Funko is dying because Joe Schmoe can't get rid of the figures he never wanted on eBay for his $1 Million asking price.

I felt like what it means to be publicly traded, how high production numbers affect an item selling out, restocks, and more needed to be addressed, so I did just that on my IGTV Channel! How can Funko be more profitable but I can't get rid of my figures I bought to resell? Well, the same way that 95% of comic books become $1 bin books once they're read and used. At the end of the day, it comes down to just collecting what you like and making money where you can. However, as long as the economy stays where it's at, there will be plenty of people looking for the convenience of buying online versus going out on the hunt.

Thanks For Hanging Out With Us!

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