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Tribute To Edwin "The Comic Jabroni"

This past weekend I received some horrible news in the comic community. I got the news from his wife that we lost Edwin, The Comic Jabroni! She asked me to let his friends know that he's gone. I went ahead while in tears with a broken heart to make phone calls. The first person I called was Perry from Perry Comics & John from John's Comics With Kids. They took the news hard, as well as the entire community. I woke up the next morning and I said to myself I need to do something special for Edwin and his family. So I went live, with other community members jumping on the show, saying a few words with plenty of tears all around. I wanted to take a minute and say thank you to everyone that jumped on the show, to show Edwin and his family so much love, and let's never forget The Comic Jabroni. I want take a minute and say Yo, Edwin, love you my friend & I miss you so damn much dude! I will never forget you man, until next time peaceeeeeeeee #jabronination

Tribute to our friend Edwin The Comic Jabroni

Please check out Edwin's YouTube Channel Comic Jabroni.

I'm your boy Rod The Rican from Just a Rican and His Comics feel free to check my channel for live shows, reviews and monthly giveaways.

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