Top Variants of 2019 and More!

Hello, Comic Fam and a Happy New Year to you all! We’re officially in 2020 and boy, we’re hoping for grand things this year, especially in the world of comic books! Do you guys have any key issues you’re going to be picking up this year? Is 2020 the year of the comic book extravaganza? We’re hoping so, but until then, welcome to our first Bags and Boards Show With ComicTom 101 episode of 2020. As always, we’d like to take a second to remind you to head over to the ComicTom101 YouTube Channel for even more stellar comic book speculation content!

Let’s also take a moment to announce our amazing partnership with Marvel Comics! You might know that every month we put comics in our Mystery Mail Call and ship them out, but thanks to said partnership with Marvel, we now have a ComicTom101 Thor #1 by Donny Cates Marvel exclusive!

Before we get into the main event of our latest episode, we have to keep with tradition and provide a modicum of a recap. Last time we talked about the upcoming animated Superman: Red Son movie and shared our thoughts on both the graphic novel and our hopes and dreams for the film itself. We also took time to reflect on some titanic comic book sales over the holidays of some of the biggest comics ever! You have Batman #1, Superman #1, and others; the prices they sold for definitely leapt buildings in a single bound!

But let’s put all that aside and focus on the here and now! We jumped into things by going over some of our recommendations for selling comic books on eBay. As you well know, eBay has become a massive selling forum for the comic book community and if you’re going to interact with the folks there, it’s important you know some of the tips we suggest.

Additionally, we went over what we though were the top ten comic book variants of the year! There are always new comics that come out every week, or a flavor of the month that gets everyone