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Hot NEW Comics Sept 2nd, 2020

September is upon us, everyone! To start these 5 weeks of September’s NCBD ( New Comic Book Day), I am beginning with September the 2nd. Here are my top picks.

Starting strong, we have Strange Adventures issue number 5. Now, this is a story that has been unraveling meticulously and for that reason, I would recommend a trade when the 12 issues wrap up. However, if you started with issue one and have been reading it steadily, then you know the story is great and the art is phenomenal. This, in my opinion, will be one of the best books released this year and one of the best Black Label books DC has put out since its launch last year.

My Second Pick of this week has to go to BATMAN! Now, if you have been following my Youtube channel over the past year, you would know I'm dead set on Detective Comics and don't tend to read too much of the “Batman” title. This all changed when James Tynion IV took over for Tom King on issue 86. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly made me gravitate towards Batman, between the new introduction of characters, the build-up for the Joker War event, or all my buddies talking about the stories. Issue 97 left us with Batman “tripping balls” - in words of Harley, but that’s also something that probably would roll off my tongue, if I had to describe what was taking place. On the last page cliffhanger, we see Batman hallucinate, seeing the now deceased Alfred Pennyworth. Alfred told him: “I think it's time we had a serious talk”. This week we get issue of #98 and I can't wait to see the conversation Batman’s about to have, along with more Punchline and Joker goodness. Now the A cover is cool but I have to get this B cover by Francesco Mattina.

SHAZAM! Blasting in as my third pick this week, we have Shazam issue fourteen. Since issue one this has been a light, enjoyable read flying under the radar at DC. We last left off with Shazam using a spell to shrink down to Mr. Mind’s size. I’m looking forward to seeing him beat up Mr. Mind and i was to find out if or how he can restore each of the lands doorways now that they have been obliterated.

Now, if those first three DC books didn't get you excited for this week, I'm sure this next one will. DCeased Dead Planted issue number 3 comes out and oh man I love the universe that Tom Taylor has created. I highly recommend finding some DCeased trades if you haven't explored this universe yet. Between the fast-paced action, followed by gruesome scenes, this is a fun, thrilling, horror-filled take on our beloved DC characters. Oh and Yasmine Putri doing every C cover paying homage to the movies for 4.99 is a major plus. And yes, I'll be picking that cover up.

Since we’re talking zombies, it seems like a good time to jump over to Marvel. That’s because we have issue number one of Marvel Zombies Resurrection coming out! I typically wouldn't be this excited for Marvel Zombies (since last year we only got a one-shot and it was kinda rushed) but Phillip Kennedy Johnson is back writing this title, I can't even imagine how awesome this is going to be. Unfamiliar with the name? Well, he’s the man who wrote that one shot last year and he’s been writing Last God over on DC’s Black Label and that has to be one of my favorite DC titles at the moment. Personally, I'm sticking with the A cover. With the combo of Spiderman and Galactus, it’s hard to go wrong, but like always, there will be a bunch of covers to choose from.

This is my second and final Marvel book. I want to say I'll read it but I think it's mostly for that B cover. Black Widow issue number one with J Scott Campbell art on that cover? I love it! Now for the story, I'm not expecting much. In all honesty, I don't even know too much about Black Widow (aside from what I’ve seen in the Marvel Movies). What I've read online seems like we are going to see Natasha go undercover as a spy to unravel some mystery, so who knows? It might be a good read.

Now to check off the Indie books. To start, coming out of Image comics, we have issue two of Lost Soldiers. This book can be pretty graphic but doesn't glorify violence. Instead it shows these men who were in the Vietnam war and how certain things that went on affected them afterwards up through the modern-day. The artist does a great job of meshing a soldier thinking about death when he should be eating. Enjoy the simple style they chose that still manages to captivate me as I'm reading.

Next up, is a book I'm looking forward to since I am a huge fan of the TV show. Doctor Who Time Lord Victorious, which portrays David Tennant on the cover as the actual doctor we will be following along within the book. This should be exciting if you're a fan of the show and, if you haven't seen it, I recommend you check out the first few seasons.


-Perry Comics

Perry here, I host a pop culture YouYube channel known as Perry Comics and also a little Instagram over at @perry_comics. Feel free to message me or catch me on one of my live streams, comic book videos, or movie reactions.

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