Top 5 Spider-Man Jumping On Points

One thing that gets brought up a lot after my weekly #NewComicBookDay videos on IGTV is, "Where do I even begin with comics?" Well, I'm going to bring you five Spider-Man #1's that are super current and you can still find for cover price or less. They all start current on-going series as well. This way you can get caught up on the current state of the universe without having to collect nearly 60 years worth of stuff!

5. Marvel Action: Spider-Man #1

Published: November 2018

Marvel and IDW team up to create new series of comics for the younger reader! If you enjoy Spider-Man the storytelling is well written and still easy to enjoy for the more experienced reading. However, It's simple and to the point enough to keep the young reader's attention! Naturally, capitalizing on the widely successful Into The Spider-Verse film that you may have heard of, Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen join Peter Parker on the cover! This book is really fun so if, even as an adult, you enjoy some of the more current and modern Spider-Man cartoons this brings them to you in comic form! You really don't have to worry about missing an issue either. They're not intended to be too involved with each other from issue to issue so pick up at your leisure and enjoy for yourself or to improve family time!

4. Superior Spider-Man Vol. 1 #1