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Top 5 keys of the Week

Keys keys keys!

A new Wednesday is upon us and that means new comic books but even more importantly key issues that we need to keep an eye out for to pick up at cover price. To see a full list of all the Key issues make sure you check out Now if I had to narrow it down to only 5 key books these would be those books.

Starting off with a Bang we got Bang issue #1 coming out of Dark Horse Comics. Not only is it an issue number one but as of February 13th 2020 it was moved into development with writers and a director attached to it. Over the past years we been seeming an increase number of comic books turned into TV shows. Most recently, Locke and Key made a successful appearance on Netflix. These issue number 1s are the ones people want later down the road so keep a look out.

Next up, punching its way into the number two slot we have Batman issue 89 with a huge jump in pre-sales. Looking at the A and or B cover, that were at last Wednesday (2-12-20) selling around 50$ for the pair, now going into the 90$ range with each issue selling in the 40$ range this issue looks like a key for sure.

The book hasn’t even been released yet and second printings are already being ordered. Now this will have the introduction of a new villain called PunchLine but some fear this might just be DC trying to bring back sales and hype for Batman after the tail end of the Tom King run turned loyal subscribers away.

Now moving back to number one issues, coming out of Image Comics we have On The Stump #1. This book flew under my radar but after hearing Gem Mint jump into a livestream I was a part of and give it a rundown I have to say, I am all in on this. Basically politicians have to fight each other (physically) in order to get a bill/law passed and that just sounds awesome. I could totally see tv show out of this that would gather a mainstream audience.

This next book for me just has a really cool cover that I want to highlight, Guardians of the Galaxy #2. The C cover done by Yuze Wu with Thanos holding a battle axe just looks too damn cool to pass up. And what’s even better is it’s not an incentive cover so while everyone is busy fighting over the Batman book this week you can sneak by and snag this cool cover up.

My last and final key of the week has to go to the main man himself Wolverine #1. First on-going book for Wolverine in a few years so I’m all in.

Little tired of all the mini series here and there. It will be nice to have something I can just toss on the pull list and ignore any other minis. Now the 7.99$ price tag is a lot for a new book but hey it’s wolverine and if you purchased the comictom mystery mail call then you’re golden and you’ll have the best cover they did for this series. Now, if you want to read it this Wednesday I would recommend my second favorite cover is the D variant by Jeehyung Lee showcasing Logan full on attacking a sentinel, I mean what else do you want? So those are my top keys for this week. Let me know what you‘re going to be hunting. I also dropped a video for this on my YouTube channel so make sure to check that out as well, thanks!


-Perry Comics

Perry here, I host a comic book YouYube channel known as Perry Comics and also a little Instagram over at @perry_comics. When I don't have my nose in a book or eyes glued to editing you'll catch me in the community supporting all the other incredible creators. You can catch me multiple times a week “Lurkin” where I do multiple hours live streaming to highlight every single person that uploaded comic book related content that day.

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