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Top 5 Comics 9/9/20

New comic book day is almost upon us, so here is a look at all the new books I will be picking up come September 9th, 2020.

To start this list is a book based around a video game that I have had my eyes on since it was announced, Cyberpunk 2077 Trauma Team. Now the game is scheduled to release later this year, sometime in November, but here we get the comic book first. Looking at these first issues looks like our protagonist is going into some life-threatening situation, always a great way to start a book. It also seems like there is only one cover, so that's always a plus for me. I have to add that it's being written by Cullen Bunn, whose worked on books such as Knights Temporal, Manor Black, and one of my favorite trades I'm currently reading Bone Parish.

The second book I’ll be picking up this week, coming out of Image Comics, is Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Special #1. This is cool because while comic books were not being distributed during the start of the corona quarantine, Ice Cream Man was releasing these digitally. To make it even cooler everyone who purchased these digitally had 50% of the proceeds donated to local comic book shops to help them during this tough time. Now we can collect this little part of history in a physical print, and I'm more than excited to sink my teeth into this read.

This next book is something that I'm still kind of iffy on, Ultraman Rise of Ultraman #1. This is a comic that I believe is based on an old Japanese tv show. I also heard Netflix is rebooting this show or something along those lines. Just the fact that I’ve seen this throughout the years I kinda wanna understand what all the fuss is about, and that is why I’ll be picking up Ultraman. Like always, Marvel is dropping a ton of covers for this new series but with Alex Ross on the A cover its hard to go wrong.

My fourth pick for this week is probably one of the slowest burning, eeriest books I've enjoyed in quite some time, Red Mother issue #8. The story since issue one has been great, my only fear is that we are 7 issues in and nothing has happened. Seems like every issue ends with this evil demonic creature but then the following issue we don't see him. Talk about a book that leaves you asking questions and wanting more. Which is probably why I'm still so interested. This is a book that once it is finished I would need to either make a video or do a live stream to unpack everything.

My fifth pick for this week is a book I don't hear too many people talking about anymore, Reaver issue 11. Issue 10 had left us with nonstop action from page to page and left off with such a great cliffhanger that I'm all ready for issue 11. This issue should end "The Grim After 5" story arc and lead into something new. I personally can't wait. Justin Jordan has been doing a great job on this book, and I am looking forward to seeing what else he has in store for us.


-Perry Comics

Perry here, I host a pop culture YouTube channel known as Perry Comics and also a little Instagram over at @perry_comics. Feel free to message me or catch me on one of my live streams, comic book videos, or movie reactions.

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