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To Slab or Not To Slab?? My First CGC Submission- A Live Stream Series

Let it be known throughout the land: John has never gotten a comic book from his collection slabbed! I know this is shocking but true. I have many reasons for this (mostly money since I'd rather just buy more books) but the simple truth is that I've never been in a position to slab and protect my most precious collectibles. Whether you are a slab King or a slab hater, it's hard to deny that this is a thriving business with significant involvement from the comic book community. This is why I decided to test these waters for myself and share it all on my YouTube channel.

Well the time has arrived, my friends. I have put together a set of books that I think would be slabbing candidates. I had them pressed and cleaned by a friend and now I am sharing the first part of my journey with YOU the comic community! My good friend Rod, of Just A Rican and His Comics, joined me for a live stream to discuss slabbing and the books I have selected. This is part one in a series I am working on where you can see the process (good and bad) of slabbing comic books for yourself. If you are curious about the cost and issues involved in encapsulating your comics for grading then this series is for you! Here's the link to our first episode:

Next time (Tuesday Night at 9pm eastern) we will be joined by the SLABDRAGON himself, TJ Watson, so that we can hear from the slab master before I finally send books out for grading. He had many thoughts after watching our first show so who better to guide us on this quest?

Thanks for tuning into this article. Please let me know your thoughts and subscribe to my channel if you want to follow this journey from start to finish.

-John's Comics with Kids

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Man this was alot of fun looking foward to tonight.

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