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2020 starts out right with none other than THOR the god of thunder himself. But not only is he bringing his Hammer he's bringing the second most powerful force in the universe DONNY CATES. That's right Donny Cates is writing Thor, this is a match made in the heavens. To kick off this event Marvel Comics is going all out with some amazing-looking covers for this brand new Thor series. Let's look at some of this great art work you will find on New Year's Day.

THOR #1 Main cover

THOR #1 2-Per Store premier variant cover

ComicTom101 Mystery Mail Call Exclusive

Ultimate Comics exclusive by Loe Jusko

Ultimate Comics exclusive Virgin cover by Joe Jusko

Gabriele Dell'otto Variant A

Gabriele dell'otto Variant B

Cosmic Comics store exclusive variant by Derrick Chew

Lucio Parrillo Variant A

Lucio Parrillo Variant B

Woo Dae Shim Variant

Nic Klein Sif Variant edition

Ron Lim Variant

Art Adams Variant

Artgerm Variant

Artgerm 1 in 200 Virgin Variant

Collage Variant

1 in 50 Stegman Variant

1 in 100 Hidden Gem Variant

Ryan Brown Marvels X Variant

Party Variant

1 in 25 Scalera Variant

Bartel Variant

Rainbow Bridge Variant

Blank Variant

1 in 1000 Variant

WOW!!! Some amazing covers are on the way. Thor has never looked so good, and the story within the pages I'm sure is going to be one of the best we've ever read. Grab your copy on January 1st 2020 and enjoy the start of this fantastic journey that awaits us.

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