The Rise of Skywalker Breakdown

Disney released a new teaser for The Rise of Skywalker, the last installment of the modern Star Wars Trilogy and there is a lot to unpack here. Let's get into it!


This trailer is full of promise and I really want them to deliver.

We start with a montage of all the past films with scenes of Luke, Han, and everyone. We also have Luke Skywalker's voice telling Rey they "passed on all they know". Even though we know when he said that in The Last Jedi, it feels more like they are having a meta-conversation with us, the fans, in preparation for the future of Star Wars. If you have been following all the news, you know that this movie will be the last to feature all the legacy characters. The next trilogy will be completely different. The opening scenes promise this will be the bookend to a 9 movie run that started in 1977.

The first 8 Films

Even though we get snapshots from all 8 movies, they seem to be showing more Return of the Jedi scenes. There are several parallels with this movie and the third movie of the original trilogy.

  1. They are both the end of a trilogy

  2. Emperor Palpatine being featured in both

  3. Return focuses on Anakin Skywalker coming back to the light, could Rise focus on Kylo Ren doing the same?