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The New Dynamic Duo? DOG MAN and CAT KID!

Welcome back all! We have another Monday to try and survive, but to make it all easier I have a fun book recommendation for all the kids in your life. It wouldn't be Monday without a Comics with Kids book review so here it is! This week we are discussing Dog Man and Cat Kid!

My daughters and students all adore writer/artist Dav Pilkey. The genius behind the Captain Underpants books and film is no stranger to children's graphic novels and his books are huge best sellers. At my house though, he's know as the creator of DOG MAN! A dog whose body is replaced with that of a policeman, Dog Man fights fleas by day and criminals by night. If this idea sounds hilarious to you, then you're not alone! The series of books (9 so far and another coming in March!) are a giant hit with kids and my girls can't get enough of them.

The key to Pilkey's work has always been the lighthearted and child-like way in which he tells his tales. They serve only for making kids laugh and they succeed completely. The art is simple and playful, the dialogue is silly and full of the kinds of jokes that kids love (all due to the fact that the two boys from the Captain Underpants books seem to imply that they are crafting these stories), and at it's core these books are just plain fun. It's a romp through the ridiculous and my daughters always enjoy the journey.

For more on that here is my 12 year old Kate with her take:

"Dog Man has a really interesting backstory. He has the body of a man with the head of a dog! Dog Man and Cat Kid are a fun duo because there's the stereotype that dogs and cats don't like each other. But these guys work together perfectly. Cat Kid is adorable and he's very smart. He even has his own robot sidekick. I feel like this story has a bunch of ups and downs. Some parts are sad and some parts make you want to jump up and down with joy. It is also very funny and there are parts where I catch myself laughing out loud. And for adventure fans, it's action packed because, as a cop, Dog Man is always fighting the new bad guy in town. I would give this book a 5 out of 5!!"

Let's see what my 10 year old thinks:

"Dog Man and Cat Kid is a very good book for kids. The author makes a lot of books for kids that I love. He is a very funny writer and artist. The books always make me laugh. The ideas, like walking dinosaur bones or giant vacuum robots or men marrying trash bags, are so original and creative. Dog Man and Cat Kid is a good book about a cat realizing that his best friend might not really be best for him. Cat Kid's robot is revealed to only be his friend because he is programmed to obey him. Cat Kid is learning that just because he's a clone of the villain, that doesn't mean he has to be evil. I would recommend these books to kids who like talking cats and funny characters from grades 1st and up."

Well there you have it! Another fun book to check out for the kiddos in your life. As usual I have included this eBay Affiliate link for you to get some of these books for yourself. Remember, anything you buy in the 30 minutes after clicking the link, part of the money will go to me personally and won't go to eBay. So thanks for taking the time to check that out and support us.

Here is the link to our most recent Saturday Morning Comics show where my kids talk about Dog Man and Cat Kid!

Thanks for reading this article and if you want to get more from the John's Comics with Kids squad just watch for us on Instagram and YouTube.

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