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Starfire by Palmiotti and Conner: a Kids Comics Review!

Welcome back to another Kid Comics Review! This week we are showing some love for a great DC character. Starfire has been a staple of the DC universe ever since her first appearance in DC Comics Presents #26 and her follow-up run as a member of the New Teen Titans. She's always been the classic "fish out of water" character. Her journey across the universe to earth, and her subsequent time as a hero, show her strength and power. But underneath all of her abilities she is still learning about our planet and customs every day. This week, we are recommending to you Starfire: Welcome Home!

In this series, which ran from 2015-2016, DC super partners Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti (of DC's Harley Quinn fame) move her to Florida and give her some wild new adventures. She fights villains, makes new friends, learns what beer is, and generally gets to be a young lady in Florida! I found this series to be lighthearted and somewhat perfect for pre-teen readers. Its sense of humor and romantic dramas are the perfect backdrop for Starfire, whose social faux pas create the common thread through the series. If you enjoyed Conner/Palmiotti on Power Girl, Harley Quinn or Birds of Prey, then you'll be very pleased with these issues.

But let's see what my daughters have to say about it. First up is my 12 year old Kate:

"Starfire: Welcome Home is very funny! She is very oblivious to the fact that there are bad guys trying to kill people around her. She doesn't understand a lot of words and the way she interprets them is super silly. She meets a good group of people that she befriends, and she also learns how to control her powers so she can blend in easier. Although it is kind of hard to blend in when you have orange skin! She survives a hurricane and moves into her best friend's huge house! "

Now let's hear what my 10 year old Charlie thinks:

"I really enjoyed this book because of how funny Starfire is. She doesn't really understand English as well as we do so it sounds funny when she talks. The art is very detailed and colorful. I like how they show what she's thinking. When someone says "I've got my eye on you." she thinks of an actual eye on her! The characters are very funny and the way that Starfire says exactly what she is thinking makes the story entertaining. I would give this book a 10/10 and you should read it!"

So there you have it friends, another comic book series recommendation from my kids to you. Leave us a comment if there's a character you want to tell us about as well, because we love hearing from you. Also here's an eBay affiliate link if you want to order some Starfire books for yourself AND support our blog at the same time!

Thanks for reading this article and if you want to get more from the John's Comics with Kids squad just watch for us on Instagram and YouTube.

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