SPAWN! The Statue that Almost Didn’t Happen

That’s right folks. The first of it’s kind. Not only is this Spawn statue just an overall incredible piece, but the story behind how it was created is even better.

Some of you may know me as Gem Mint from YouTube or Instagram. I’ve been a collector of comics and comic-related material ever since I was a kid. I’ve been collecting quarter scale statues since February of 2017. Like most Statue collectors, I started off buying statues from Sideshow Collectible. Then I graduated to pieces from XM Studios, Prime 1, and then customs.

Customs are unlicensed pieces that are created by regular people like you or me, who hire a sculptor, and get them produced by a factory. Being unlicensed usually allows for more outrageous creations as they don’t need to be approved by a big company like Marvel or DC. For example, Marvel wouldn’t approve of a statue of Wolverine smoking a cigar in this day and age, but as a commissioner of custom statues, you could have Logan puffing a Cohiba with his shirt off.

So, back to Spawn.

A commissioner by the name of Henry Stewart paid freelance artists to digitally sculpt designs that he could produce and sell online. Usually a commissioner will pay for the sculpture out of pocket, then take pre-orders from the community in order to fund the process of having the statue actually printed and produced. This is a standard practice that is done by the big companies as well.

Henry successfully produced a Punisher statue which was sculpted by a very talented, up and coming digital artist by the name of Franco Carlesomo. Being that this statue was produced and shipped, I