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Rose City ReCap

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

This is the first entry in a series I’m giving the uninspired name VIDEO BACKLOG.  We’ve made quite a few videos over the year and a half our channel has been active!  Unless you’re as obsessively weird as I am with YouTube, and you also like digging into old videos on channels you love, there is a tremendous amount of unseen gold in our backlog on the ComicTom101 YouTube channel!  I’m going to take the time here to highlight my personal favorite video on our entire channel: our road trip to Rose City Comic Con 2018.

Tom, myself, and our glorious, fantastic editor Slav took a road trip from Seattle down to Portland last fall to document our convention experience.  It was my very first con! It was exciting. We got to meet Bueller, the host of Comics With Bueller! (If you haven’t checked out his YouTube channel or Instagram page, you’re doing yourself a disservice!)

Our main goal at this convention was to obtain signatures on comic books for our Mystery Mail Call comic book subscription service.  We got signatures from Invincible and Amazing Spider-Man artist Ryan Ottley!  We got signatures from the incomparable Adam Hughes! Amy Chu! And of course, you can’t be Comic Tom at a convention and NOT stop by and see Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy.

Interestingly enough, this video marks the first appearance of Jeff, the soon-to-be-christened Golden Age Guru.  We ran into him at his booth Elite Comic Source and he graciously showed off some of the amazing Golden Age comics he’s always got at hand.  It wasn’t long after this interaction with Jeff that he joined our team, and we couldn’t have asked for a better addition.  Jeff schools us all with his knowledge of the Golden Age of comics. Be sure and follow him on Instagram, too!

What really makes this my personal favorite video out of our entire library, however, is the editing by the masterful Slav.  He knew just what clips to use from our raw footage, he knew just what music to put in at just the right spots...editing a video is tedious, complicated work, and the sign of a good editor is not noticing that they’re there.  This video is seamless and has a great energy to it, and Slav deserves the lion’s share of the credit on this one. Go ahead and give him a follow on Instagram too, while you’re at it!

If you’re still reading this, and haven’t been convinced and started watching the video by now, you’re probably not even interested at all!  And that’s ok! This is the first of many Video Backlog entries I’ll be posting on this blog, to shine a light on some of our older, less-viewed content that deserves your attention!  Maybe one of the other videos on our channel is more to your liking. Poke around, see what interests you! But most importantly, don’t forget to


-Fire Guy Ryan

Fire Guy Ryan (sometimes just known as Normal Ryan) is one of the co-hosts on the ComicTom101 YouTube channel (and podcast!). When he's not reading comics or talking about them with his friends Tom, Russ, Jeff and Eryn, he's most likely working his graveyard job at the hotel in Seattle or sleeping in the daytime, and those are the two reasons he's probably not answering you right now. He's a lover of storytelling - film and television in particular - and every now and then he tries writing his own screenplay. He totally didn't write this blurb about himself either.

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Ray Pantoja
Ray Pantoja
24 oct 2019

With the right mix of people road trips can be awesome. On a side note I still gotta get me a geek responsibly shirt.

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