The Bags and Boards Show Aug 12, 2019

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Greetings, true believers, and welcome to The Bags and Boards Show With ComicTom101! Introducing the greatest, and only, podcast you need to cover all your comic book speculations needs! If the videos over on the ComicTom101 YouTube channel aren’t enough to satiate your appetite, then rest assured, we have plenty more to help you through the week!

We realize you merry folks have plenty of options when it comes to podcasts, along with a limited amount of time throughout the day. Even so, we ask that you trust us, because you definitely don’t want to miss what we have to say! 

In case you missed out on the debut episode of the Bags and Boards Show, it would come as no surprise if you wanted to go back and listen, but also desired a good old fashioned recap. Here’s where we go over some of the show’s highlights! 

Sitting down to talk comic book speculation is all well and good, listeners, but let’s not forget all the equally tubular news you might have missed while digging through those longboxes. We kicked things off with the now-legendary Angry Girlfriend Amazing Spider-Man #14. If you want to know the full story, we’ll need you to turn the dial up on your speakers and crank the podcast! Suffice to say, the screenshot below kind of says it all. 

Without giving too much else away, and boy was there plenty discussed-seriously, why aren’t you listening to The Bags and Boards Show With ComicTom101 right now-another crowd-pleasing comic book delicacy that found its way into the conversation was the San Diego Comic Con 2019 Silver Surfer Black #2 Carnagized variant!