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NEXT WEEK'S #1's September 25th 2019

Let's face it we're all suckers for that first issue of a comic book. Ever since the very beginning, we see that #1 and we have to have it. Hundreds and hundreds of comics get released every week and a handful are those coveted #1 issues. In this weekly series I'll be showing you all the #1 issues that are hitting the shelves on NCBD. So let‘s not waste anymore time and let‘s see those #1's!

Harleen #1

DC Comics

Wolverine Annual #1

Marvel Comics

*original release date was 9/11/19

Strikeforce #1

Marvel Comics

The New Mutants War Children #1

Marvel Comics

Avengers Loki Unleashed #1

Marvel Comics

Star Wars AOR: Kylo Ren #1

Marvel Comics

Scooby-Doo 100 Page Giant #1

DC Comics

SSFX Safe Sex #1

Image Comics

Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1

Dark Horse Comics

October Faction #1

IDW Comics

Transformers Galaxies #1

IDW Comics

Relics of Youth #1

Vault Comics

The Plot #1

Vault Comics

BloodShot #1

Valiant Comics

Grimm Tales of Terror Presents Bridgewater Triangle #1

Zenescope Entertainment

Scratcher #1

Antarctic Press

The Apocalypse Girl #1

Amigo Comics

Gods and Gears #1

Alterna Comics

Jim Henson‘s Dark Crystal Age of Resistance #1

Boom Studios

There you have it, a complete list of the #1 issues hitting the stores for the week of September 25th. Which ones are you going to pick up, which ones might get pushed back, and which are the ones you‘re passing on? We never get tired to the #1 issues and, let‘s face it, we're hooked. I'll see you guys next week, as always I’m Bueller.

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Transformers Galaxies!!!!!

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