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Most Anticipated Books That Got Pushed Back

As I sit here, reviewing Marvel Free Preview's #31 for April's releases, and cross referencing it with my pull list I keep on my iPhone notes, I realized just how crazy life has been for the past month. Fortunately, I have continued to work an "essential" job in these times but my (our) hobbies have been directly impacted and greatly! To paraphrase the late Stan Lee, "Entertainment is one of the most important things in people's lives. Without it they may go off the deep end." This quote couldn't have been brought to life in a more literal way than us being quarantined through the month of April.

So, as I sit here adjusting my pull list, I just wanted to hang out and talk with you guys through this amazing platform on the ComicTom101 site and list the comics I was most looking forward to in April.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #17

This Miles Morales series has been the first series for the character that I've managed to follow for so long. I do owe a lot to the Spider-Verse movie as the deciding factor to at least give it a shot. The first few issues brought in Captain America, a fun team up with Rhino, and a few other factors that kept me along for the ride longer than I'd anticipated. As the series went on, they re-introduced the Ultimate Green Goblin who works for none other than the other Miles Morales from Spider-Men II which added further intrigue! Needless to say, I wasn't expecting anything from this issue in particular since it ties into the new OUTLAWED series that's going to start running. I don't have any intentions of reading OUTLAWED and it doesn't peak my interest even in the slightest. However, this has just been a fun and decent series to read, so for that, and that alone, this is an issue that I was looking forward to grabbing in April but was victim to the Diamond shut down a long with the rest.

Fantastic Four #21

This one is strictly just for the cover. I'm not currently reading the Fantastic Four nor am I picking up Empyre at all. I can't even fill up the side of this page to make it to the bottom of the cover and make it more aesthetically pleasing. I really, honestly, just like wolverine and Spidey in the blue FF suits.

The Amazing Spider-Man #43

Now, even though this is my favorite title of all-time, because Spider-Man is my favorite character of all-time, I can say certainly that this isn't my favorite title currently. I don't think it's terrible but there's more than one instance where I'd probably drop it if it was any other character or was maybe any other Spider-Man title. Issue #42, however, was extremely well written and made me truly feel for Gog as we got to explore his origins. For this reason alone, I'm looking forward to see how Spider-Man overcomes and, hopefully, helps Gog in his current state. I really couldn't care less about Spidey and Boomerang's dramatic, "controversial," and extremely forced circumstances as a super hero/villain team and roommates outside of the masks. My anticipation for this issue and the next is strictly because they sold me on the Gog character in issue #42.

Cap Am: Marvel Snapshots #1

This is another really simple one that I probably can't ramble on long enough to fill this side of the page. This one is a very simple reasoning behind it.

A. Fantastic and Beautiful Alex Ross cover art.

B. Different writer(s) than the current on-going Captain America title which I dropped quite a while back from my pull when preparing for baby #2's arrival.

However, with that said, and while we're talking about strictly cover purchases, I'll be grabbing Captain America #21 for just that reason.

Thor #5

I think more people will agree than disagree, but with the internet's reach, comes a difference in opinion, even if only by nature. Cates hasn't written a whole lot of stories, if any at all, that I can do too much criticizing of and Thor continues the streak. I've really enjoyed the first four issues of this current run and I'm looking forward to sticking with it. Cates has taken a character that is very cool but I just didn't love, much like Venom, and thrown them into situations and stories that really get me intrigued and excited to see them get played out. I even wanted to be skeptical based on the cover of #1 because I didn't love this random new look for Thor. However, the context of the new look and situation that Thor is sprung into was extremely badass and I was hooked! The look grew on me and now we get a super dope Ultra Instinct Thor (for my DB Super fans.) I would absolutely consider this my most anticipated issue that was pushed back.

In closing, I just can't wait to get my favorite form of entertainment back before I go off the deep end. As someone who is blessed to have a sense of normalcy and routine with work, and a loving and beautiful family at home to quarantine with, I'd still like to spend time with my favorite heroes and go on adventures in between all of that. I have managed to adjust my spending outside of NCBD and picked up Tales To Astonish #57 (Early 1964 App of Spider-Man) and X-O Manowar #0-6 which John Cena is rumored to be playing in a movie. So, I've been blessed to not go without completely.

Honorable mention that was pushed back but not scheduled for the month of April is 2020's Free Comic Book Day! We're going to get to see the 1st Appearance of a new symbiote character and I think we're all pretty intrigued by that!

As always, thank you for reading and hanging out with us!

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