Mill Geek Comics SHOP TOUR!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

We’re back again with a new entry in VIDEO BACKLOG, the blog series where I, Fire Guy Ryan, hold your hand and take you on a whimsical journey through the magical backlog of ComicTom101 video content!

Russ, one of the cohosts of our channel (follow him on Instagram here!), is the owner of Mill Geek Comics, a comic shop up here in Mill Creek, Washington. Earlier this year he upgraded, and relocated to a bigger, more visible store; and in today’s VIDEO BACKLOG I’ll be discussing the live stream in which Tom, myself, and Russ gave a live tour of the new and improved Mill Geek Comics location. If you don’t feel like reading any more and just want to get straight to the video, click here to head to our channel and check it out! If not, scroll down and reward me for the work it took to type up this article by reading all of the valuable insights I shall provide imminently; in that trademark, overlong, drawn-out, Fire Guy way.

In September 2018, Tom and I decided the channel needed a long-form, recurring show that we could bring to the community on a weekly basis. We liked the idea of YouTube live streams and wanted to do more of them, so we decided to start our very first Bags and Boards Live Show on September 30th, 2018. We sat down for an hour, live, with the community in the chat, and just had a conversation. We were also joined partway through by our editor, Slav, for one of his very few appearances in front of the camera! It was very unscripted and rough, but a lot of fun, and pretty successful to boot. Here is the link to that first Live Show, if you feel like checking that out. That’s certainly not the video I’m here to write about today, however!

We continued the tradition of doing a Bags and Boards Live Show every week for about nine months. During this time, Russ had made the decision to move from his smaller shop, on the backside of a 7-11 with no street visibility, to a much larger shop just down the road that can actually be seen from the street! The first week that his shop was up and running, we decided to host our weekly Bags and Boards Live Show from the shop itself and give the audience a tour while we were at it.