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Marvel Rocking NYCC 2019 with major announcements

Donny Cates NYCC 2019 Marvel Panel

Donny Cates is Worthy! Rumors can lay to rest now that on October 4th at New York Comic Con’s Marvel panel it was announced that Donny Cates will be the new writer for Thor.

Working alongside artist Nic Klein, it looks to be a great start for Thor this coming January 2020. Even Jason Aaron dropped his 2 cents stating in a tweet “I’m thrilled to be passing the Thor hammer on to @Doncates. I’ve heard what he and @NicKlein have planned and believe me, it’s gonna be big and crazy and metal as Hel.”.

Also, don't fret Venom fans because Mr. Cates isn't leaving Venom for a long time! Take a closer look at the artwork, because it looks pretty darn cool.

The Dawn of X panel also grabbed my attention when I heard the words Wolverine and Ongoing in the same sentence.

For the first time in over 5 years we are going to see an ongoing Wolverine title. This one written by Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, and Victor Bogdonavic. Between Thor in January and Wolverine in February, its looking like Marvel is going to start next year off pretty strong.

Also make sure to keep an eye out for this title dropping in February of 2020.

Where my Immortal Hulk fans at?! During NYCC on Marvel's Live panel, Al Ewing talked about pronunciation, eyebrows, but most importantly Immortal Hulk. Ewing talked about people coming up to him saying how issue 24 freaked them out and his response being “wait until issue 25, that is going to be like a trip (psychedelic experience).” It's also being described as “emotionally devastating” so make sure you let your Local Comic Shop know to slide that issue 25 into your pull box for this October 23rd.

Hasbro is putting out the most iconic Marvel Legend figure yet, Stan Lee! Hasbro announced at NYCC that Stan Lee will be joining the Marvel Legends figure lineup for 2020. Its releasing in Spring of next year but don't worry you can go ahead and preorder this 6” tall Legend right now over at for $24.99 while supply lasts. This Legend even comes with 2 accessories: a ChessBoard (from his cameo in avengers) and Captain America’s Shield with his iconic signature front and center!

Thanks for checking out my article. Feel free to click the link bel to watch the entire episode on nun YouTube channel.

-Perry Comics

Perry here, I host a comic book youtube channel known as Perry Comics and also a little Instagram over at @perry_comics. When I don't have my nose in a book or eyes glued to editing you'll catch me in the community supporting all the other incredible creators. You can catch me multiple times a week “Lurkin” where I do multiple hours live streaming to highlight every single person that uploaded comic book related content that day.

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Comics Club
Comics Club
Oct 10, 2019

Great read, Perry. Well done. Keep 'em coming my friend. -- The Comic Book Pusher

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