The Mandalorian: Easter Eggs from Season 2 Episode 1***SPOILERS***


The Mandalorian is back on Disney+ and it couldn't have come soon enough. After waiting almost a year since the season 1 finale, we got to watch "Chapter 9: The Marshal" on Friday Oct 30th.

I did a review and easter blog when the season 2 trailer was released (you can read that here) and this is going to be similar. I'm going to bring up all the references and easter eggs I found while watching the show and at the end I'm going to talk about some theories for this season. Let's Go!

The episode opens to the Mando walking through empty streets at night with multiple red glowing eyes hiding in the shadows. The streets are covered in graffiti and some of the images look like the are references to other parts of Star Wars lore. There is a tag that looks like C3P0, some either clone trooper helmets or maybe some snow trooper helmets, and lots of layers making it seem like the graffiti has been there for a while. We know the clone wars ended about 25 years ago so if the stormtroopers on the walls are clone troopers, it's been that long.

One of the first major call backs to the original series was a scene we saw in the trailer. The Mando walks into an under ground figh