Halloween Comicfest is Upon us

First came Free Comic Book Day, then came Batman day, but fear not for more free comics are coming because Halloween Comicfest is upon us! Also October 31st isn't the only day you need to keep an eye out for because Saturday the 26th is when us comic and cosplay nerds get to geek out! To my knowledge, every comic shop will be having a special event going on that day. Trick-or-Treat giveaways, door prizes, costume contests, and back issue sales are just some of the awesomeness to look forward to this Halloween Comicfest. Make sure to head over to halloweencomicfest.com/StoreLocator to see what stores will be hosting what event.

Now for some Free comics to keep an eye out for. If you missed out on one of DC’s best books this year, well you're in luck because DCeased issue one will be dropping for free at your local comic shops. Written by New York Times-Bestseller writer Tom Taylor, this is a terrifying 6 part story highlighting tons of DC heroes and villains as the world seems to be coming to a rapid and brutal end. Also no need to hunt for back issues once you read this (and enjoy it) you can pre-order the Hard Cover trade releasing November 26th.

Switching gears, one of the coolest Marvel comics that's for free during comicfest is Ghost Rider King of Hell issue #1.