• Russ Bright

DON'T MISS OUT!!! FOC Monday 9/21/20

Final Order Cut Off for this week will be a quick one! Remember that these orders are due on MONDAY Sept 21st, so get them to your LCS (or me if you support on Patreon!) ASAP!!!


Written by Gerard Way, the followup miniseries to The Fabulous Killjoys - If you like Umbrella Academy, be prepared for something totally different! Gerard is a FANTASTIC writer and it's cool to see him work on his OTHER Comic project!

COMMANDERS IN CRISIS #1 (OF 12) CVR A TINTO (MR) New Image book with LOTS of Buzz! Variant covers by Andolfo, Momoko, Sejic just to name a few - Maxiseries of 12 issues, check out the first issue and see if you like it!

STILLWATER #1 BY ZDARSKY & PEREZ 2ND PTG (MR) Buzz about this book last week caused an IMMEDIATE sellout! If you want to read, your best bet will be the 2nd print!

NEW MUTANTS #13 MOMOKO VAR XOS LAST MINUTE Product Update (9/16/2020): Will have cover art by Peach Momoko - This was announced 2 days ago QUIETLY and I believe Marvel was trying to pull a quick one. For fans of Peach, grab this one!

WEB OF VENOM EMPYRES END #1 Knull COMMANDS you. (You know you want it!)

DUNE HOUSE ATREIDES #1 (OF 12) CVR A LEE Dune is the upcoming movie event of the Fall. There is buzz and excitement for this book! If you are a subscriber to the Mystery Mailcall, you will be getting the Ben Templesmith variant! The main cover is the JAE LEE variant and it is just as stunning. Definitely worth the read!


I love Horror, and this pair will be popular. Peach Momoko does a horror theme for Vampirella and Red Sonja.

Get Those orders in, until next week, Geek Responsibly!


Russ Bright

Mill Geek Comics


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