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Counting My Blessings

This may just be me being assumptive here but I think it’s fair to say most of us found our love of superheroes as kids. I mean, I still remember getting Ultimate Spider-Man #1 on free comic book day, it was great! Reading about these unreal and larger than life heroes made the hours fly and my imagination run. However, my dad didn’t seem to share the same interest. He didn’t even want to try and like what I so fervently loved!

For this very reason, when I became a father, I really didn’t care what my son was into when he was born. I just wanted to like anything he liked simply because it made him happy. Of course, this has lead to me learning a lot more about Fortnite than I had ever anticipated learning. It has also worked in my favor as he’s grown to enjoy weekly trips to our LCS and has even taken to my favorite character - Spider-Man. In turn, his love for YouTube is the reason that we got into content creation in the first place!

All of this is to just give you an idea of our content that’s very family oriented and superhero centric. Whether its visiting the comic book store, reading Marvel action comics, putting Clark to bed with a 5-minute Marvel story, or just appreciating that I have a wife that puts up with all of it. I’m a man that’s constantly counting my blessings.

Thanks For Hanging Out With Us!

John, Theresia, and Clark

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Definitely great writing John. Like you, most people growing really didn't get or understand my love for superheroes. My Father actually gave me my first really taste from buying the origins of Marvel Comics from a yard sale. Being a father I did the same with understand what my kids love and enjoy. Alot of Minecraft for me and other PC games 🤣

Like my Pop had told me before he past back in 16. No matter what be yourself and love what you love in a Birthday card. So I love Marvel/DC/Indies comics and have since I was a kid. Funny that the rest of the world through Social media and entertainment is catching up. Keep up the awesome…


Great start John! My father was never into comics as well. I remember him getting ahold of a Lobo comic when I was little. I was never allowed to read them after that. Of course I snuck around and read them haha.

I liked what you said about liking what your son likes. This is a strategy I found to be true with my son. He loves comics and reading. When I started showing a interest in what he likes, he started showing interest in what Iike.

Looking forward to more blogs.

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