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Comic Misconceptions #1

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

X-Factor #24 - 1st Appearance of Archangel

For the majority of my collecting life I thought the first appearance of Angel as Archangel was X-Factor #24. If you thought the same and desire the truth, read on.

Angel's troubles began in X-Factor #10 when his wings were mangled by The Marauders (above) which led to their amputation in X-Factor #15.

Enter Apocalypse who preys upon the devastated mutant with an offer too alluring for Warren Worthington III to decline..not that he had much of a choice anyway.

In X-Factor #21 we get our first cameo appearance of the Fourth Horseman, Death (formerly Angel). Then a second cameo appearance in X-Factor #22.

Until finally, the fourth Horseman of Apocalypse is revealed in X-Factor #23 when he SKREEEs his way onto the scene. As you can see, he is seen in full.

In the next panel, Worthington introduces himself As Death.

Continuing on, we are shown how some of his powers work as he flies around taunting his teammates, jockeying for the role of team leader.

Yes, these are panels from X-Factor #23, the issue just before X-Factor #24 with that classic cover many of us thought introduced Archangel.

Unless you come from the school of thought where it's not truly a first appearance until the blonde eyebrows show-up.

X-Factor #24 - 1st cover appearance of Angel as the Horseman Death

If so, then your book is X-Factor #24 but...BUT!!! Even if that is your deciding factor, he's not OFFICIALLY Archangel yet.

Actually, not for awhile. Warren goes through a tumultuous 14 months of battling his former teammates, turning against his new crew, becoming Dark Angel and eventually rejoining X-Factor as the psycho-cop who goes a little too hard in the hood.

In the end, the man who was once known as Warren, Angel, Death and also Dark Angel comes through for his friends in a battle against Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen.

This earns him an OFFICIAL permanent codename.

X-Factor #38

Hopefully this article was enlightening and didn't cause anyone disappointment. If it did, just remember...

It doesn't matter if Warren is Angel or Death in X-Factor #23 or Archangel in X-Factor #38. It doesn't even matter if he's a hero or a villain because one thing you can always rely on...

Is that he'll always be styling the blondest, canary-yellow eyebrows, ever!


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Too true!!!

I have a great copy of 180 so I am biased.... haha😁

Great stuff... keep it up


Marvel isn't the most consistent or correct with their character appearances


Here it is... does this change the course of comic history... Marvel says 1st appearance...


I love these types of s

Discussions. I have always been upset that Hulk 180 is not considered Wolverine's 1st app. However in this months Marvel Previews... Marvel States that 180 IS Wolverine's first appearance. Hummmm.


I dig this article! Nice breakdown! That’s why I like to go after series and pretty much complete the runs that you really like. I just picked up #38 last week for $2 all because it was a piece missing from my PC, now look. Love the KeyCollector App. because it keeps you informed on what’s going on, what’s coming, and things you should be considering! Keep doing what you’re doing ComicTom101 Team by keeping the Comic Book Community informed!

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